Thank You

I would like to thank firstly the incredible Sacred Moon Medicine family for your endless support in purchasing SMM products for yourself and for others as well as attending our events and meditations, this entire project could not be possible if not for each and every bit of encouragement. Thank You!

To my ever inspiring Sistar and Womb Empress Divine Flow, your wise words, power and infinite knowledge truly opened my heart and eyes to a world beyond my own and without you none of this would have flowered so purely. Thank you for shining your beacon of purity and intelligence on us all.

To the team and community at Boomerang Bags who continuously cultivate change not only locally but globally THANK YOU!  I have learnt so much from you all and I am so grateful for the initiative you all take as a group towards eliminating plastic and making the future of planet earth possible, what a positively transformational project you have campaigned.

To the beautiful and visionary Lisa Niederer your eye for detail and ability to capture precisely what I need is breathtaking! Thank you for supporting me and lending your incredible skills in taking all these epic photos. You are amazing.

To my beloved and best friend Karl, you are a true reflection of the divine masculine, your support and help has created this platform on which I now strongly stand. Thank you, for holding my hand and empowering me to take the steps necessary to pursue my passion.

To all who read this THANK YOU – you make this world the magnificent and miraculous place it is, without you none of this would exist and because of you I am able to follow my dreams as you discover, follow and achieve fulfillment in yours. We are all here to shine our own unique and necessary light on the world, thank you for helping me in shining mine and I hope that connecting with Sacred Moon Medicine allows you to do the same with yours.