Moon Medicine Cups

“Transitioning into using a moon cup has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I now embrace my moon cycle more and have a deeper understanding of my body’s patterns. I first read about them in a holistic magazine and automatically felt drawn to get one. After quite a few nudges to nip it in the bud and try one, I ordered one of a beautiful friend and sister Yanina who is passionate about embracing the Divine feminine and celebrating the Divine flow. I was really excited to finally get my own cup and leave behind using sanitary pads, that put a damper on the whole experience and leave me detached from my flow, as something to discard of and never be seen. Also knowing that it’s one of the most eco-friendly options is important to me. It’s another step towards making a difference on an individual level. And by catching the blood I heard you can also give it back to the earth (plants love it!), as it is rich and nutrients and vitality. The moon cup also invokes a stronger connection with Mother Nature, the moon and our roots. I can definitely feel the difference when using it with intention and awareness. 
Receiving it after waiting for it to come was very sentimental, it was in a cute pink cherry drawstring bag and the cup was also pink with a little love heart on the end (and not to forget the little piece of paper with instructions). There was a lot of love and thought put into the package thanks to Yanina.  I did think to myself “So how am I meant to put that in here?” I realised quickly it is user friendly and if know your yoni enough, it will fit like a glove ;)! Can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner! Am certainly not going back, there are too many benefits. I would really love to share with every women my experience so they too can reap the benefits. On a collective level moon cups will create a difference on many levels, helping to reduce waste and health issues in women, and shift the perspective on periods (or more so Divine Flow)! If it wasn’t for periods we wouldn’t be here, so let’s celebrate our monthly shedding!" Jade Peterson, Australia.  


"Thank you so much for my Moon Medicine cup Yanina! 
Since using my moon cup, my attitude and perception of my monthly cycle has completely changed. 
Before I would see my period as an inconvenience. Now, I see it as a celebration! A chance to honour the sacred blood which flows from within. 
I found the cup easy to insert and very comfortable. I was surprised at how effective the cup was and have never had any issues with leakage. 
I enjoy to ritual of choosing my spot to give my blood back to Mother Earth and deepen my connection with the land. 
I love my mooncup and recommend all women make the change." Sam Kondor,  Gold Coast Australia


"The Moon Medicine Cup is the best thing I have ever found for my menstrual period. It's  comfortable, I don't have to change it as often as a tampon or a pad, I'm not inserting chemicals inside my body, and if you truly care about nature, this is another tool to be congruous, change your habits and stop polluting. We just need to be open and try other things. This is an amazing thing to try!" - Tania, Mexico & Gold Coast Australia

"I had first heard of moon cups a few years ago and spent a very long time looking for them here in Australia. As a full time student who was interested in creating a positive footprint here on earth I was very much drawn to these but I failed to find a product which was both affordable and reusable. My long time friend and sister Divine Flow introduced me to an alternative, supplying womben of Australia with their very own affordable mooncup. This opened up a whole new world for me on so many levels, physically I feel so much more in tune and connected to my whole entire being, environmentally I realised how much of an impact my body was making and have started to go deeper in making positive choices for myself and my environment, I feel that by allowing and embracing my menstrual flow I have opened the doors to a more positive flow both financially and physically. I am more aware of subtle changes and nuances within my body and feel much more at harmony and ease with my menstrual cycle now than ever before. I have a sincere and deep appreciation for this gift that as women we have been shamed and led to believe that it is a disgusting or embarrassing act when it is simply in harmony with nature itself. I cannot praise this tiny little miracle cup enough for all its changes and growth it has allowed me since first trying it out, sure it was a little funny at first and took a bit of getting used to, but nothing in life comes without practise and a little humility first. I am so grateful for my Moon Medicine Cup and the ongoing journey associated with my flow. Thank YOU!" - Yanina, Founder Sacred Moon Medicine. 

SMM Events and Meditations

"Yanina's Sacred Moon Medicine evenings are beautiful and deeply healing. 
The drumming and sound immersion resulted in a deep meditation where I journeyed through my body and into my mind's eye. 
I learnt a lot and shared time with lovely souls. 
Yanina held the space beautifully.
I highly recommend Sacred Moon Medicine events and will be attending many more in the future." Sam Kondor, GC, Australia.