Small Yoni Egg


Small Yoni Egg

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Yoni eggs are beneficial in a number of ways and are strongly advised for use after childbirth, miscarriage or other trauma. Although these simple toning tools are recommended for all women. 
Small Yoni Eggs are either a perfect starting point as they are light, easy to conceal and comfortable to work with or for more advanced Yoni Eggs practices to stimulate a number of muscles and amplify sexual pleasure through connection with and knowledge of your individual body. 
Each woman is different and we have a complex centre of nerves surrounding the vagina, working with a Yoni Egg can assist in connecting with and controlling these often unknown pleasure states. 

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Clear Quartz ( LIght Embodied) 

If you are feeling disconnected or numb to your feminine energy, disconnected from your reproductive areas, illness or ailments, feelings of loss of libido or creativity, lacking stimulation. Clear Quartz can encourage self acceptance and ability to find peace in oneself. By connecting with your body and feminine power becoming aware of your own creations, abilities and origins of illnesses. Balance, amplification and alignment of thoughts and feelings resolved though clarity and action. A master healer Clear Quartz strengthens the bond from body to spirit. Clearing away any toxic or stagnant energy. Allowing for transformative clarity and empowerment. Clear Quartz is a perfect partner for general exercise as well as manifesting by using your creative centre.
Crystal quartz draws in positive energy from the earth; amplifying it in all directions helping to restore and rejuvenate. 


Great for:
Thyroid Health
Aids Concentration
Dispels Anger
Self-Esteem Booster
Master Healing Crystal
Amplifies Thoughts
Energy Amplifier
Emotional Rejuvenation
Balances Entire Body
Balances Brain
Brings Clarity
Release Negativity
Absorbs Energy
Manifesting Visions
Heightened Awareness
Increases Intuitive Abilities
Great for Meditation
Chakra: Crown
Harmonizes All Chakras
All Zodiac Signs
Planet: Sun
Month: April
Vibrates to Number: 4

Rose Quartz (Forgiveness) 

the stone of unconditional love rose quartz is particularly helpful in clearing trauma and healing wounds either physical or psychic. Its permanent love resonance allows healing on a pure and unconditional level.  This can assist the woman in healing not only herself but also ancestral and collective wounds within the womb through love and compassion.

Great for:
Self – Love
Deep Healing
New Relationships
Emotional Balance
Unconditional Love
Harmonious Spirit
Gentle Trauma Relief
Spiritual Enlightenment

Chakras: Heart Chakra, All
Sun Signs: Taurus, Scorpio & Libra
Vibration Number: 7


Ruby (Spiritual Warrior)

Ruby can be a powerful stone to work with if there is a loss of passion or courage in life, if you may be experiencing feelings of disempowerment and depression, lowered vital energy and libido. The queen of Gemstones and the spiritual warrior Ruby is a powerful blood coloured stone strengthens and tones the womb area while activating and grounding the area. Useful for women who have suffered trauma such as shame associated with the female reproductive system or rape as it can strengthen and restore confidence and power, the perfect stone to cultivate self worth and build assurance. The darker and more purple the stone the more powerful it is to work with, unlike the more sought after and clear ruby whose purpose is not as strong in healing.
Ruby works in:
Stimulating circulation
Amplifies energy levels
Allows the flow of love
Maintains passion
Encourages positive relationships
Reduces fear
Raise Kundalini
Guards against psychic attack and nightmares
Increases concentration and motivation
Helps resolve disputes
Month – July
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Fire Element
Base Chakra
Vibrates to Number 3

Smokey Quartz

 Smokey Quartz removes negative or unwanted energy, psychic bonds and trauma, very helpful in healing and clearing the womb of trauma and illness. The darker stones helping to remove built up energy and rejuvenate the womb, strengthening and toning it at the same time.

Smokey Quartz Gemstone is good for:
Heavy Bleeding
Fertility Issues
Lower abdomen health – Stomach Pancreas, Kidneys, Reproductive Organs
Heals and neutralizes adrenals
Mood stabiliser
Balance nightmares and sleeping patterns
General healing stone
Harmonises all Chakras
Chakras: Base Chakra (Root), Solar Plexus
Vibration Number: 2,9
Associated signs: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio