Medium Yoni Egg


Medium Yoni Egg

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A medium sized Yoni Egg is the perfect starting point and also the constant companion. For most women this is their prefered size as it is easy to use, comfortable to practice with and often one that is the right size for the walls of the vagina to hug closely whilst controlling movement. It is recommended to practice with this size at least once a day to ensure maximum potential and to activate the vagina by connecting with individual muscles and sensory receptors. 

This is very popular size and comes in a variety of stones each unique, hand selected and of the highest quality minerals. 

Detailed specifications on each egg is available below.  

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Celestite (Knowing)

If life seems to be tough, stressful or difficult for you to enjoy, if you are feeling unsettled, stuck in negative mindsets or reliving past trauma it may be time for celestite to cool things down and clear away the negative. Celestite promotes trust in the self and in others. self love and acceptance as well as profound peace and calm. It can aid in angel communication and bring about a continuous serenity and love connection to the female organs and yoni. It is a high frequency stone so is not recommended for a first time Yoni Egg user as it is highly energetic and for specific use to someone who has cleared and connected with their female centre already. 

Great for: 
Moving forward
Remove fears and pain
Balance emotions and mental dysfunctions
Angelic communication
Raise consciousness
Enhances positive relationships
Purifies the Aura
Good luck charm
Encourages positive communication
Pain relief
Stress and obsessive behaviour management

Chakras Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Heart
Zodiac Signs: Gemini
Vibrates to Numbers 2, 8

Fluorite (Mastering thoughts)

For when you are feeling lost in your thoughts, letting yourself get caught up in negative self talk or patterns, feeling disorganised or finding distrust in your environment it’s time to check in with some fluorite. If you have not loved your body and your processes or have made decisions in the past that didn’t honour that divine feminine you are then it’s time Fluorite literally entered your world. Her presence will allow you to find security and clarity in your world. Fluorite neutralises and absorbs stress and tension, clearing away and build up and cleansing all chakras. It is also a powerful cleanser for organs, removing ulcers, healing wounds and stabilising the blood. As well as stabilising the mood and mental function. 

Great for: 
Mental clarity
Negative patterns
Blood Cleanser
Reproductive disease
DNA repair
Accessing intuition
Akashic records
Past lives
Teeth and bones
Assist in abusive situations
Self awareness
Chakras : All
Zodiac Signs : Pisces, Capricorn
Vibrates to Number: 2

Mookaite Jasper  (Nurturing) 


Mookaite is derived of the Australian Aboriginal word Mooka which means ‘running waters’. It  is only located in Mooka, in the Western Australian Kennedy’s Ranges. Mookaite has an immense ability to connect us with the earth energy, extremely useful in grounding and activating that earth star connection. If you are having trouble making decisions, moving forward or getting past the past Mookaite has come to your aid. She is essentially the embodiment of Earth mama energy, nurturing and gentle she allows us to find confidence and security in ourselves by healing and solidifying our foundations and providing focus and clarity so we can move forward in live and love. She may have come to open up, heal and release our sexual past. Our Sacral chakra is of course the element of water so Mookait literally heals, clears and grounds the lower chakras while boosting the immune system and cleansing organs. 

Great for:
Feeling alone
Self Love
Self worth
New beginnings
Healing lower chakras
Mother relationship issues
Reproductive dysfunction
Sexual trauma
Blood Purification
Regulating menses
Bringing back cycle
Menstrual cramping
Irregular bleeding
Blood clots
Fight infections
Reduce Stress
Digestive system function
Chakras : Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye
Zodiac Signs :  Leo
Vibrates to Number: 5 


Petrified Wood (Past Life Embrace)

If you are feeling anxious, unable to cope with life’s daily challenges or fearing relationships and sexual contact. Feeling stressed, lacking contact with others, unable to view the bigger picture or worrying that things may be out of your control you may need to connect with Petrified wood to restore harmony and acceptance of life and its gentle ups and downs (which may seem tumultuous as the time). Petrified wood can help us to see what is of true importance and what can be released. A keeper of wisdom so ancient it generally has a specific message and lesson for each of its masters. It can help us to connect with our higher self as well as past lives to heal and recover from illness and trauma in the present. Healing anxiety and stress. 

Great for: 
Accepting change and life’s movements
Release worry and stress
Lack of connection with self
Sexual trauma
Past life healing

Chakras Root, Sacral
Zodiac signs Leo, Virgo
Vibrates to Numbers 5, 77

Rainbow Obsidian (True Self Reflection)

Rainbow Obsidian comes to help us when we are lacking belief in our abilities and creative potentials, if you have been dishonest with yourself, unloving, filled with ego, clocking your own potential or unable to commit to your truth Obsidian is the gemstone for you. Rainbow Obsidian can offer protection, a true reflection of what is going on and what needs releasing, can help if you struggle to view or connect with your reproductive area, sexual energy or feminine abilities, Dispels negativity and can transmute negative energies as well as bring in positive energies to aid in healing, self love and confidence i the self. Also known as the stone of self pleasure. 

Great for
Self awareness
Self love
Muscle weakness
Immune disorders
Bacterial and viral illness
Recovery from wounds (Physical and emotional)

Chakras Base and Earth Star
Zodiac Libra
Vibrates to Number  2

Ruby (Spiritual Warrior)

Ruby can be a powerful stone to work with if there is a loss of passion or courage in life, if you may be experiencing feelings of disempowerment and depression, lowered vital energy and libido. The queen of Gemstones and the spiritual warrior Ruby is a powerful blood coloured stone strengthens and tones the womb area while activating and grounding the area. Useful for women who have suffered trauma such as shame associated with the female reproductive system or rape as it can strengthen and restore confidence and power, the perfect stone to cultivate self worth and build assurance. The darker and more purple the stone the more powerful it is to work with, unlike the more sought after and clear ruby whose purpose is not as strong in healing.
Ruby works in:
Stimulating circulation
Amplifies energy levels
Allows the flow of love
Maintains passion
Encourages positive relationships
Reduces fear
Raise Kundalini
Guards against psychic attack and nightmares
Increases concentration and motivation
Helps resolve disputes
Month – July
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Fire Element
Chakras: Base
Vibrates to Number: 3