Large Yoni Egg (Choose variation)


Large Yoni Egg (Choose variation)

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If you are an intermediate Yoni Eggs user you will feel right at home with this range of unique and high quality minerals. Each stone hand selected with your needs and desires in mind. 

It is recommended that you trya nd familiarise yourself with your yoni and bodies strength and abilities first with a smaller Yoni Egg, but if you feel you are ready, fit and comfortable then browse our beautiful selection of Yoni Eggs featured below and decide for yourself which your body would prefer them most. 

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Chrysocolla (Silence) 

If you are feeling as though you can’t control your thoughts or the words leaving your mouth are not coming from a place of love and compassion, your sexual tendencies are out of control or perhaps need to be evaluated then Chrysocolla has come to your aid. Chrysocolla will help you find the confidence, inner peace, silence and fulfilment that can only be found when one has true self love and self worth. It will give you the strength and compassion to be with and honour your body for its perfection and offer you deep love and the ability to discern what serves you and what doesn’t in terms of lovers, actions and thoughts. 

Great for:
Menstrual strain
Solitude (Fear of solitude)
Self worth
Self love
Harmonising relationships
Emotional clarity

Chakras: Heart
Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius and Libra
Vibrates to Number: 5

Labradorite (Freewill) 

Ancient lore of the Inuit peoples claim that Labradorite fell from the frozen fire in the sky during the Aurora Borealis, a stone known for its magic and miracle qualities using a labradorite wand can stimulate ethereal sexual experiences and help connect you to your higher self through physical touch and massage. A stone of magic which has the ability to assist in manifestation and harmony in relationships. If you are feeling unfocused, scattered or anxious this may be the stone for you. Particularly helpful if you feel you may be too easily influenced or are not receiving pleasure as much as giving it. Gain back your free will, imagination and play, let the magic of Labradorite stimulate truth and passion. 
Great for:
Brings out the best in people
Menstrual tension
Hormonal imbalances
Reduces reckless behavior
Regulating menstrual flow
Calm pain
Reduces stress, PMS and can assist with excessive bleeding
Lowers Blood pressure
Water Energy
Zodiac Signs: Leo, Sagittatius, Scorpio
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye
Vibrates to Numbers: 6,7

Lapis Lazuli (Realization)

If you are having trouble expressing yourself or liberating your sexuality, perhaps you feel lost or as though you may be lacking direction or stimulation as well as lacking trust, and compassion you may be calling out for some Lapis Lazuli to enter you so to speak. Lapis stimulates blood flow and psychic connection as well as empowers us to be clear in what we desire and what excites us. She can be particularly helpful if you are looking to regain your flow or stabilize it. Lapis Lazuli has been used for centuries as a medicinal stone to ease discomfort and provide strength and magnify intentions.

Great for:
Throat Chakra
Eases Frustrations
Blocks Psychic Attack
Opening the third eye
Relieves anger and negativity
Stimulates the pineal gland
Sends negativity back to its source

Chakras Throat, Crown and Third Eye, 
Element Water
Vibrates to Number 3
Planet Venus
Zodiac Sign Libra, Sagittarius


Rhodochrosite (Self Love)

Pale Pink in colour this stone is gentle and nurturing and is here to teach and activate pure self love. If you are holding to hurt and pain from previous experience you need Rhodochrosite in your life to love forward and heal. Feeling of being alone, unloved, being good enough or able enough are a lack in self love and this gemstone is perfect to heal these thoughts and patterns. Any trauma, pain or memories associated with sexuality are easily and gracefully overcome and removed with Rhodochrosite who cares deeply about restoring your self worth and removing these pains. Rhodochrosite empowers through forgiveness and self love while working on and building compassion, accepting change and life’s ups and downs. 

Great for:
Activating self worth
Self love
Moves energy from the heart to the sacral
Clears base and solar plexus
Facing denial
Healing trauma
Release past
Awaken inner child
Sexual abuse
Invigorate sex organs

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Base
Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Leo
Vibrates to Number: 4

Rhodonite (Patience)

Rhodonite if needed if you are lacking the ability to find the time and patience to work on, experience and share love.  Feeling that life is too tough and that you would sacrifice or be too vulnerable if you give in to love. This is untrue of love as love is unconditional and a positive experience for all of humanity if it is pure. Rhodonite can help us to find love all around us even in the most mundane and mechanical of activities and settings. By balancing love and peace happiness and patience can coexist in a balanced way. Can help in accepting change and making decisions which will allow you to flourish and let love in as well as find the time and patience to achieve goals and self love. Can help with healing shock and trauma as well as assist in finding peace during meditation and self care rituals. 

Great for
Self Love and care
Unconditional Love
Emotional and life balance
Panic Attacks
Lack of self worth
Acceptance of change
Deep Healing

Chakras: Heart and Base Chakra
Zodiac: Taurus
Vibrates to number: 9


Ruby in Zoisite ( Heart Awakening) 

If you are not thinking from the heart or making decisions based on the ego or mind Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite) is here to re-awaken you and centre your heart once more so you can make decisions and choices based on your intuition and what is truly good for you. It literally opens up the connection lines between the heart and the brain, clearing away any disruptions, providing an altered state of consciousness which will help you better understand and fit into the world around you. Be the best you you can be and LOVE yourself unconditionally with Ruby in Zoisite (see Ruby also) 

Great for:
Heart opening
Blood cleanser
Reproductive ailments
Menstrual irregularities
Self worth
Self love
Stimulates sexuality
Psychic abilities
Enhances bliss
Promotes sexual health
Encourages play
Enthusiasm for life

Chakras : Heart, Root, Third Eye
Zodiac SIgns: Gemini Aries
Vibrates to Number: 2