Face Steams Quarterly Cycle


Face Steams Quarterly Cycle


By using the wisdom found in Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic practices we have created four organic herbal Facial Steam blends to nourish, heal, soothe and soften the skin. While beauty does come from the inside out it's important to look after ourselves in order to express that radiant beauty from within.

Regular use of Facial Steaming can stimulate positive hormone production, promote cooling of the skin, clearing of blockages and healing of illness as well as wounds and acne.

Just five minutes per week will dramatically change the clarity, suppleness and vibrancy of your skin. Treat yourself or a friend to a luxurious organic home herbal facial steam spa. 

the Quarterly Cycle pack will provide you with a three month's supply of Herbal Facial Steaming. 

For a single month's supply go to the Single Moon Cycle Pack. 

For wholesale supply please fill in a contact form for prices and product availability. 


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A vibrancy inducing blend of aromatic herbs whose medicinal properties combined allow the skin to be refreshed and revitalised. By stimulating blood flow and cell regeneration after just one steam you will see dramatic results in the clarity and vibrance of your skin. Take the time to love yourself and GLOW. 


For those moments when our skin isn't cooperating, is clogged or affected by allergy or skin conditions, HEAL is a gentle blend designed to nurture and heal the skin as well as assist during times of nasal congestion and other illness. Perfect for allergy sufferers and acne prone skin. Feel free to add one drop of either Eucalyptus, lemon or tea Tree Oil if you are suffering congestion. Take a deep breath and HEAL. 


Soften, moisturise and replenish with this combination of herbs which have been scientifically proven to be effective in hydrating and nourishing the skin. By stimulating and clearing pores, bring harmony to your skin and allow its natural beauty to show. NOURISH your body mind and spirit. 


Gently eliminating toxins and healing the skin's tissue, SOOTHE offers a gentle detox to the skin while softening and moisturising. Its combination of botanicals is gentle enough for use up to 4 times a week. Let your  body finds its harmony and SOOTHE your soul through self nurturing. 



Bring 2 cups of filtered, mineralised, alkaline or natural spring water to the boil and place in your preffered bowl, add 2 tablespoons of your organic herbal Facial Steams and if you choose add one drop of your desired essential oil. Be sure to only add one drop as we have already lightly touched each blend with our own blend of oils and while it can be beautiful to smell these oils they are also very potent medicine so should be generally used under the supervision of a health professional . Cover for ten minutes and allow to steep while you prepare your area, light a candle, take a moment to centre yourself and make the most of this me time. Once ready gently place your bowl somewhere where you can comfortably sit over your bowl without getting too uncomfortable, lean above your bowl and cover your head, shoulders and steam area in a big scarf or towel and relax and enjoy yourself for the next 5-10 minutes. Once finished splash your face with warm or tepid water and then rinse of with cold water to gently close the pores and wash off any residue. Spritz the face with a natural hydrosol or toner such as a homemade Rose water, Lavender or witch hazel hydrosol or toner of your choice. Massage a natural moisturiser or rose hips oil of your choice, we like Lonely Wolf's Night Elixir as it is soothing, nourishing and light as well as organic and hand made. Follow this treatment every couple of days for maximum results or simply once a week for that boost of self care and clear skin.