Also known as Vaginal or Yoni Steams are an ancient healing art form practiced all over the Americas for centuries to aid women in easing cramping, discomfort and blockages associated with the female reproductive system. A carefully selected blend of certified organic herbs and flora are used to provide relief, cleansing, tightening and balancing of the internal organs and vagina providing overall healing of the tissue within the reproductive system restoring, cleansing and toning the womb. This method is known to provide dramatic healing and be beneficial for women suffering from various ailments such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, irregular or heavy cycles, excessive cramping as well as provide relief and support for those who have experienced uterine prolapse, miscarriage, vaginal birth, post DNC and various other reproductive discomforts.

It is recommended that women practice self healing by using three steams per month in the week leading up to the menstrual cycle to allow release of build up, prepare for a harmonious flow, to stabilise hormones and remove any blotchy or dark blood.   Hormonal imbalances, painful cramping and lethargy are not essentially normal and the use of Bajos can help to control and eliminate these imbalances. 

All our Bajos steams are charged and cleansed beneath the new moon and then activated within our clear quartz crystal bowls which are tuned to the Sacral (sexual) Chakra and the Crown Chakra, ensuring maximum benefits and integration for the user.

Please see below for instructions. 

Instructions for use:
Take one liter of filtered, mineral or natural spring water (avoid using regular tap water) in a large pot bring to the boil, once your water has boiled add your herbs and turn down to a simmer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes place a lid on the pot and remove from the heat, allow to steep for ten to twenty minutes as you prepare your area, you may use a slatted chair or purpose built chair, you can also stack pillows and blankets or towels around your preferred bowl and sit on the floor, some women also use the urinal seat of their bathroom, this is a great alternative as it is the easy to access and generally private, simply clean this area thoroughly before hand, transfer your herbs into your preferred bowl or dish and gently and very carefully place it where you feel most comfortable and safe, whatever alternative for seating you choose remember you will be here for at least twenty minutes so comfort and safety is essential. Once you have prepared your area and are ready remove any unnecessary items of clothing, such as underwear or any synthetic items, remove the lid of your dish and gently sit over it, you should not be touching it at all, it should be at least 5-7cm below you, wrap a cotton blanket over your legs and tightly around your waist and then another one over your shoulders closing it over your legs, as though making a small steaming tent with you body. If it’s too hot just shift and adjust yourself a bit to allow a little air to pass through but don’t let all the steam escape, as this is what we are after. After 20 minutes take your time in getting up and wait for the bowl to cool completely before emptying, usually the garden or among plants is ideal for this.

Please view our blog post on Bajos for further information and advice. Most of all enjoy your personal healing time.