Full Moon in Capricorn

My Greatest Strength Is My Ability To Love Myself

Full Moon in Capricorn by Yanina Benavidez 

Full Moon in Capricorn by Yanina Benavidez 

This full moon is one that calls upon rest, integration and self love of the highest order, Asking us to take our time and be gentle as we journey closer to achieving our goals. While we may have a goal in mind it is reminding us that sometimes forging ahead actually puts us behind, so the message is to rest and do less. Take the time to ground, sink your roots deep into the earth and allow the nourishment and unconditional love to rise gently throughout your body. Know that this gentle method of healing and integration is available to you always by taking the time to enjoy its potential right now.


We have in our lifetimes endured, learnt, loved, grown, felt, tasted and seen many things which either pleased or displeased our spirit. Experiences which may have caused hurt, frustration, anger, and at times love, joy, bliss and surrender. The time has come to accept all of these experiences as one and all with the bigger picture or with our soul purpose or life goal. Knowing that no matter how difficult, joyful, trying or hurtful a moment or memory may be it is essentially still a manifestation of our purpose on earth. Take the time to surrender to these experiences and accept them for their lessons in their entirety. It is time to stop blaming external forces, circumstances and experiences on why we haven’t followed our hearts, achieved our goals or succeeded in fulfilling our dreams. We can no longer push the blame but rather accept that their perfection lies in being a part of the intrinsic whole. We spend too much time favouring what is good and right and rejecting that which isn’t that we forget that even those ‘mistakes’ are simply choices which inevitably led us here in the end. ACCEPT. 


This acceptance will lead us to forgiveness and forgiveness as I have mentioned a thousand times and as we are taught is THE PATHWAY TO LOVE. So accept and forgive and learn to love yourself in your pure perfect wholeness. If you are finding yourself blocked, blaming or projecting onto others take the time now to release this belief system and realise you are all of your experiences and emotions. Only you can be the master of how you feel, react to and experience life. So stop trying to blame others for your lack of success, fulfilment, joy, love or wealth. Take ownership. Be your authentic self and know that no amount of hurt or trauma is not perfectly in line with your soul purpose. It is a part of your perfect journey, don't deny it.


But try to be gentle, be kind and above all be LOVING with yourself. You are in the process of coming in to your absolute fullness, accept it with compassion and integrity. Only you can show yourself your true worth, be all about it. Live your purpose and demand fulfilment of your greatest desires. Don't allow yourself to be pushed around if you feel pushed around, plant your roots and stand strong in your truth and purpose. Take the time to allow Mother Earth to support you, ground yourself as deep and as true as you can and let this journey and transition flow with the ease and grace of Mother Nature herself, never seeking to be seen, smelt or adored but rather allowing her own unfolding to take place as needed. Today a new leaf is turned and the call to just let things be as they are in each moment is loud and clear. 


In order for you to succeed in your dreams you need to believe in them so diligently that they have no choice but to unfold before your eyes, be like the lotus who grows out of the mud, the circumstances don’t appear to be desirable yet somehow when the flower breaks through the water and begins to blossom not a single drop of murky water is found on its full expression. It remains beautiful and untouched by that which it came from. 


Take your time, listen to your heart and let it guide you to your true potential. We are all made of stars and to the stars we will return but not before we learn to discover our true worth. Be gentle and trust your intuition. Allow it to guide you through this time of change and acceptance. You are not your experiences but instead what you make of them.



My greatest strength is my ability to love myself.



Love and so many heart felt blessings, now rest and do something each day that reminds you to love yourself. 


Yanina Benavidez

SMM xx