Surrender to Grow

Full Moon in Sagittarius 

May 22, 2016 

Everything seems a little chaotic, exhausting and maybe even a little confusing right now, Mercury just moments from going direct is churning out the last of his retrograde lessons, while Mars in retrograde as well as Sagittarius is activating all sorts of movement in the form of spontaneous, passionate or aggressive energy. This can cause a bit of tension in our relationships as well as send us on a whirlwind of thoughts and imaginings. Don’t get upset about this, just flow with it. Don’t control it, hold on to it or judge this at all. Let it be and know that regardless of your thoughts, feelings or actions you are accepting of both your shadow and light.

The full moon illuminates the shadowy depths of our inner working and this full moon in Sagittarius is just the beginning of this next months tumultuous work which will continue on to the next full moon in June also falling house of Sagittarius, next months full moon will complete the work that this one has started for you. Expect to feel the effects of the Mars retrograde deeper and stronger than ever as the full moon literally puts a spotlight on it as they are conjunct (aligned) and frustrations come to the surface. Let them be and as tense as it may be don’t fight these feelings or attempt to control them, your Mars in retrograde is not in its power so needs to be treated delicately like a child who is caught out for stealing don’t shun what is happening but rather encourage compassion, understanding and acceptance so that this behavior doesn’t come up as a pattern in future. This full moon we are being shown to accept and love every facet of yourself with grace and love. Surrender to and allow those parts of your shadow, which you may have believed are not serving you. We all have light and shadow aspects and for a long time we repressed, denied or disempowered these aspects as opposed to accepting and working with these facets of ourselves to better our self love and potential. By working with and allowing the shadow to simply exist we dive deeper into our own experience and begin to uncover gifts within ourselves we may not have known about or have not allowed to flourish. Use this full moon to plant seeds of self-acceptance and love so that the coming full moon in June we can allow these untapped gifts to grow into and blossom to their highest purpose.

We have to stop feeling guilty or in denial of our wholeness, if we cannot face or accept this wholeness how do we expect ourselves to be loved, held or heard? We cannot receive from others if we are stifling our own feelings. While a huge focus this full moon is relationships and tensions based around relationships, as well as potential imbalances be sure to address and asses whether or not these are coming from your internal being or if they actually are a cause for concern. In relationships we tend to project to those who reflect things within us we may not see or choose to accept, so be graceful in hearing your lovers or those around you and take the time to be with these changes and revelations. If you don’t give yourself the time you may find yourself feeling much more frustrated than necessary and making decisions or jumping to conclusions which you may later regret.


Take on board the characteristics of Sagittarius and allow yourself to laugh at those times you may have foolishly said something out of character or reacted to something unnecessarily.  Play, explore and be open to your potential. The time to shine is coming, be prepared to open yourself up to your limitless capabilities by simply allowing what is happening to simply happen without force or expectations. Take time out and maybe go away for a couple of days or spend some time doing something completely new. This is the time to be fearless and explore not only the internal world but also your external environment.


Only you can be the teller of your story, so take the time this full moon to really be with yours, accepting, allowing and acknowledging the entire picture without judgment or fear of hurts.

Enjoy this full moon and be prepared to open yourself up to love and life like never before.