The New Book of YOU

Sun and New Moon In Aries

A New Beginning is here

It's time to start again. To completely reclaim ourselves and write our book for ourselves, our future and our fulfilment. 

The New Moon and Sun in Aries are here and urging us to take the first step in a new direction, to finally walk away from those situations in life we may have once felt safe in but over time realised they may have taught us all they can or have begun restricting us. It is time to accept change and liberation. 

While in the past few weeks we faced and transitioned through two eclipses and some super charged energy we also faced these powerful reflections within our daily lives and this week we are given the chance to start again and may have already experienced the potential of the New Moon in Aries so far. Heralding in new beginnings, letting go and releasing of roles that we no longer need to identify ourselves with. 

The time to shine, stand tall, let go and step up is here. To open up and be honest, speak your truth and stand your ground, to walk with confidence knowing that if you follow your hearts subtle signs you will find yourself in a place of power and balance.  

It's time to clean out the closet, in the mind, the heart and the home, if it helps clear out any clutter, throw out old books, linen and clothes ( of course send them to be re-loved if possible) and rearrange things so that you can live in a vibrant, harmonious and liberating space at all times. If you have been considering moving or taking a leap of faith know that faith fully supports you right now so take that first step, the first step is always the hardest but also the most rewarding. Honour yourself at this time, Aries is all about ME, it is the I AM of the cosmos, use this and set your goals, reminding yourself I AM worthy, I AM a miracle, I AM loved, I AM abundant, I AM supported. Whatever it is remind yourself and find that inner strength and power that is at play over this New Moon, write your own story.

Activate your personal freedom, liberate yourself from the stories in the past which activated things in you you don't resonate with and step into the full embodiment of the magnificent you that you are. Spend time with your intuition, trust, be patient and allow it to develop and speak to you from your core. Listen quietly for subtle signs and gather them like fruits from the harvest. Your connection to spirit is always there, always potent and always available for you to take advantage of. Use this right now to guide you forward and support you on your quest. 

Aries being a fire sign is also here to burn off the last of that which remains, allowing us to rise like the glorious Phoenix from the ashes of the past and embody our most potent and active self. Purifying the soul and our lives in one final cleansing flame. In the past this purification and fire looked like it would hurt us, gave us a sense of fear or destruction when in actual fact it is the very act that will heal and liberate. The soil has been tended to, the roots of the old and the creepy crawlies that were harmful have been swept away, the earth is now cleared and ready to be sown once again, so take your seeds and ready them to bare for you fruits unlike ever before. Your time to achieve, succeed, adventure and take on your new world is here and ready for your commitment. For some there may also be stories in the past which were hurtful or confusing and there may be some clarity and retelling of these tales, allowing for things to blossom and find a new light. Be open, receptive and allow your intuition to open you up to the true potential of this new book of yours. 

Be your authentic self and discover your heart's potential, the time to take a stand has come. Be courageous and prepared for this journey, once you take the first step forward there is no looking back, there will be no stepping back into old habits or comforts, you will be on a new path so whatever you do use your wisdom to guide you there and don't act out of anger, resentment or fear or this will mark your future out for you as one that has more lessons than gifts. 

The Life Death Life cycle is here for you. What will die to allow you to live your life to its fullest? what will live to allow the death of something else? Set your intentions tonight and allow yourself to sit in a personal ceremony, honour the experiences you have had and use this opportunity to grow, transform and liberate yourself. 

So much LOVE and GRATITUDE I honour you for your presence

Enjoy this magnificent energy and make the most of it today. 

A little self care goes a long way today xx

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