Full Moon in Virgo - Sun in Pisces

Key words this week
Acceptance, freewill, patience, surrender.

Virgo in Zodiac Series by Yanina Benavidez

Virgo in Zodiac Series by Yanina Benavidez

This lunation is one of pure love and compassion for the self, surrender to the will of the whole, acceptance of what is as it is, patience for what should be or what will be to develop and the freewill to allow love to reside in all experiences, even those that appear to be furthest from love. Love is unconditional, putting limitations on what love looks, feels or should be like removes our ability to accept, give and feel love freely. Don’t be pushy, let what comes to the surface come to surface, let those who need you come to you, let abundance flow in with love and gratitude as it flows out. Let it be. Whatever it is let it be. Flow with ease like water, the Sun in Pisces should support you here. 
Don’t allow your misconceptions of yourself, your so called imperfections, self-doubts, past, present or future worries control your abilities and current state of affairs, breathe in deep and feel the cosmic magnificence surrounding you, you are entirely made of the stars, your personal expressions are worthy of recognition, praise, potential and expansion. realise that, stop giving in to your shadows and take hold of your future today. Allow yourself to be so loved, so whole, so pure and full of your own unique qualities that the world around you can do nothing short of support and encourage you. 
Think back to the last time Pisces met with Virgo during the eclipse in September last year, what seeds did you plant so so deep in the cosmos? Do you recall what it was you buried deep in this alignment? If you cannot soothe and settle your monkey mind then maybe it’s calling you to look at these seeds and give them nourishment. Have you made progress? What can you do to ensure your fulfilment, success and happiness? Virgo has a tendency to be the perfectionist, he is a master of fine details and understands the mechanics of the task at hand, so go deep and uncover those intentions and take the time to give them energy while the moon is full and illuminating all, rediscover what it is your life is all about and realise how far you have come already. It is time to move forward, work out what your priorities are for the future, how you truly plan on feeling whole, radiating love, compassion and opportunity. 

Lastly get creative, go within, draw, write or let your dreams guide you towards your heart without judgement, expectations or restrictions. Let the energies surrounding you ground you and provide security for what is, what has been and what is to come. But most of all take the time to tune in, listen and let spirit guide you towards your own interpretation of what this alignment is here to illuminate for you, for you hold the keys to your infinite potential.

With so much LOVE and Gratitude

Yanina SMM xx