Clarity is come, Ground in and Illuminate



Full Moon in TAURUS 2016.  

Full Moon in TAURUS 2016.  

Awakening personal potential through self love and grounding into our goals through practical and gentle focus.



A full moon will always bring with it clarity and vibrancy in its energy, but a Super Moon radiates a level of illumination that is so much more potent and powerful.

This Super Moon will be the most spectacular full moon we have had since 1948, making it one of the most influential and significant full moons of most of our lifetimes. What an incredible time to be alive and set goals for the future.

The big focuses this full moon will be on our relationship with money and abundance. Being careful and aware of expenses and where we choose to spend and not spend money. Particularly paying attention to our attitude towards money, essentially eliminating negative self talk such as "I am so poor", "I can't afford it", "that's too much money" etc. These negative sentences can be deeply impacting and be the prerequisite for how we associate with finances. Basically cut the bullshit! You are not por you are ABUNDANT, you have more money than over 75% of the world does, anyone who earns more than $50 a week is already in the top 25% of the world. So get out of your head and look around you! You have so much potential, you have a roof over your head and a healthy body. Accept it and begin to show gratitude for the many gifts you have already been given this lifetime. Things can only get better from here.

It's incredible how simply changing the way we frame our sentences can deeply and profoundly impact our lives. With the super moon it's very important to be self aware, if you catch yourself out saying something negative or perhaps even slightly self sabotaging take the time to listen to yourself and re-structure your words to suit a positive and goal achieving direction. The only reason why we don't get what we want is because we tend to speak to ourselves in self destructive and self harming ways. Today you are being told to stop that and give yourself the love, respect and abundance you deserve. It starts with you, this full moon is here to show you, you are solely responsible for your experience of abundance.

If you speak to yourself negatively, be prepared to receive the consequences of your thoughts. Remember your body hears everything your mind says.


In the same light (so to speak) our self worth is here illuminated, just as our relationship towards money is indicated by our wealth, our relationship to ourself is also a reflected in our wealth and external relationships.

It's time to be practical, with ourselves, with our goals and with our expenses. Everything deserves equal opportunity and awareness. This full moon influences calm and clear thinking, deep emotional grounding and positive self worth while opening our hearts to receiving abundance without self restriction and sabotage.


The past few months have been so intense, as though we were caught in some arid storm. This full moon is bringing with it clarity as it gently whispers 'the storm is over'. Take a deep breathe and sigh of relief! It's time to truly see your worth, relationships, finances, opportunities, potential and dreams illuminated.


Scorpio had been rather negative for us this month raising fears, suspicions, calculated stories, intense and complex experiences and overall disrupting the ease we may have once felt. This Full Moon is here to wash away those negative influences and bring to us to a place that is filled with clarity and stability. Venus also influences us with a deep sense of love removing tales of jealousy and fear.


Basically self worth, security, stability, sensuality, tenderness and realistic values will be the main influences this alignment, eliminating the negative influences of the past.


Take the time to observe the bigger picture, be clear and positive in communicating your passions, be realistic in assessing your goals and finances. Actualise and materialise your dreams, NOW. See past inadequacy and escapism (Scorpio) replace this with a deep sense of Love (Venus) and see your truth (Taurus).


You may have noticed a positive shift in your outlook towards your goals, businesses and self worth and stay focused on ensuring this is how you treat yourself from here on out.


This is the most single significant full moon of your physical existence. Do not waste time on a few negative words, stressing over insignificant momentary issues, drawing attention to circumstances that create fear or stories that deny your ability to receive abundance. This Full Moon is truly Your gift from the universe! Take it! Run with it, be with it and fucking shine your light! We are all so worthy and so ready to receive! What is it you desire? What are your dreams? How do you visualise your life? Where do you prevent your experiences from flourishing?

Be with yourself, listen to your words and be kind and gentle (which will be easy as Taurus is ruling your emotions today)


Enjoy your experience and remember you are LOVE in its most physical form.


With so much LOVE and sincere gratitude. Many blessings be with you this Lunation  


xxx Yaya  

SMM Mama