The only thing holding you back is YOU

Full moon in Aries

 What are you waiting for? What is it you are waiting for? What is the sign, person, situation or lack that is holding you back from achieving? Have you taken the time to observe yourself and asked is it you that you have been waiting for all along?


This Full Moon rests in the Aries sign, action oriented, self assured, excitable, quick witted, often pushy and considerably self absorbed, this moon is all about ME.

One of the key phrases for Aries, is I AM. And a rightful phrase it is. Aries is the first of the zodiacs, the alpha, leader and often trend setter. Although they are liberal in their ability to lead and forge new pathways one weakness the Aries sign tends to have is a lack of subtlety or gentleness in their action. Welcome Sun in Libra, balance, cooperation, strong diplomacy skills and a desire to encourage harmony and growth for all. Combine these two powerful forces who are resting in their masculine and feminine opposite, Aries being masculine and Libra Feminine, and we have a divine union, an opportunity to combine forces within ourselves and recognise what we need to act upon and what we need to allow once and for all. To observe what our internal masculine and feminine each require for us to evolve, explore and achieve.


This full moon is bursting with energy, a super moon whose energy will be felt in the days leading up to its rising.

You may have felt in the weeks leading up to this alignment a lot of confusion, a bit of floating in the wild abyss with no true direction, clarity or purpose. Well prepare yourself to be shocked, lifted and exposed to an influx of energy and information that will begin to set the wheels in motion towards your goals. There was a foggy period there where we were almost in a cocoon like state, resting and renewing ourselves and our environment while we prepare a clean slate for our dreams and intentions to manifest.

These periods can bring with them various difficult and often trying emotions and experiences. Making even the most mundane tasks difficult to face. It rest assured this hazy cloud of unwanted stagnant energy is now lifting away. Bringing with it clarity, passion and direction. Harness that energy within your sacral right now and discover your ability to create, use it to grow something, place all of its potential toward your dreams. You are now in a rich journey of self discovery and mastery. make the most of it. 

Write down your dreams, passions, get creative and explore your personal potential. Use this moment to recognise the minor qualities within yourself that are holding you back from achieving and grow your personal wealth today.

There is nothing holding you back anymore, go get it. 

Sending you many blessings of prosperity and love of phenomenal measures this full moon. 

Take the time to practice your Full Moon exquisite self care ritual and make the most of this alignment, but most of all take from these energies what you need, listen to your intuition and use this Supermoon to activate your personal clairvoyant and intuitive abilities.