To Reach The Summit One Must First Prepare Solid Foundations

January 10 11:31am QLD

New Moon

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn




The FIRST New Moon of 2016 is here! This is an exciting moment for all. All around you are the tools and directions you need to succeed this year. Do not resist the signs and subtle urges from the universe or Mercury in retrograde will blatantly put a halt to your stubborn pushes. 
Times are good if you are prepared for the best and worst. Be patient with what's happening, if you are considering starting new projects you must consider the following aspects, is this a totally new idea or have you been preparing this since 2015? If so go ahead. Are you being over zealous? Will it flow organically or are you pushing for something which isn’t quite there yet? Is this something that you feel passionate enough about to pursue for a lifetime or is this this some type of money making scheme (avoid those at all costs) money is not the driving force or goal, and should never be. Your goal should always entail making a life of doing what you LOVE. When it comes to new projects take the time to write a central point and from there break it down again and again until eventually it begins to unfurl and create itself step by step. Of course you must put in the action but essentially during Mercury retrograde it must be effortless action. It should flow with ease and grace, anything that doesn't try and put a hold on it for a few weeks and come back to it. Keep working on it but not from a physical aspect more a planning and revising position. 
This Mercury retrograde falls in the earth sign of Capricorn, Earth represents our foundation, grounding, stability, self worth, physicality and long term goals. So use this time to be frivolous, plan, plan and plan some more. Get every detail exact, you are planning for your long term future, don’t waste your time working out what is happening in the coming weeks but rather look at and focus on the bigger picture. Stay grounded and be inventive in your pursuit of your future. Your finances will be in focus, do not attach yourself to your current state of financial affairs, we have all spent and been merry the last few weeks so you are not alone in being concerned, let go of that concern and work towards your abundance. This will change dramatically, 2016 has a lot in stall for you, if you are prepared to accept the positive flow. Money can set the mood and pace for us at times, so Capricorn is here to show us our possibilities in earning, creating and stabilising this flow. It’s time to think about what sets your soul on fire and activates your heart and work on making that your life’s work. There is abundance to be achieved through pursuing your passion, it is all about how well you plan and how much of your own unique flavour you commit to your own abundance. You dreams are worth achieving but they will not be reached if you sit back and wait for them to come knocking. Mercury Retrograde will move from Aquarius in to Capricorn during the New Moon phase and this will shift its focus to a more global community, social media will be a great focus, progressive thinking, forward thinking and innovative ideas will come through, this is just what you need right now to plan and activate your future. USE THIS GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE. Take the time to soak it in and figure out what 2016 really holds for you. Venus is also conjunct and while she is the ruler of love during retrograde the romance may have fizzled out or be out of focus, don’t worry, her role in this alignment is not for relationships but for our potential future. She is here to shine a light on our abilities to create a working environment which we LOVE. To show us we can create abundance which we are passionate about and which fulfills us in turn providing prosperity and growth. 
The following weeks the retrograde may intensify, but if you have been paying attention and surrendering to life’s flow you are in safe grounds, you can keep working towards your goals. If you have been ignoring the cosmic urges and resisting the signs around you then expect a little shake up from the cosmos. They are going to force you to see your reality for what it is. It is as simple as accepting it for what it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS! We cannot move forward or be prosperous in life unless we accept what we are experiencing or what we have experienced in the past. Go forward not backwards. That is part of the retrogrades message for you today. 

The new moon urges us to find our truth, seek our potential and ground our dreams into the earth, like planting a seed as deep as deep as we can in order to allow the roots to have as much room as possible so that it may reach as high as it potentially can. Stay balanced, activate your inner wisdom and clairvoyance and use this tool. This isn’t a ‘gift’ only available to some of us, intuition is felt, experienced and used by all. Tune in and you will see how often your intuition has led you to the right place and time and how often your defiance of it has ended in disaster. Laugh it off, life is to be a joyous and prosperous experience. If you can’t laugh at your own misfortune how will you be joyous or able to accept the responsibility and journey of your potential fortune? You may come to realise when there has been times where you have hindered your own potential, accept that and move forward. use this time to recognise these moments and work towards integrity and possibility. Be open to your true path. if you face some moments of Dharma (cosmic law and attraction) sit with it and look at why life is throwing these curve balls at you, it’s simple, you are not in flow. So drink it in and get back on track. It’s time to face ourselves and check in with when we have been the best we can be and when we haven’t. 
New Moons allow us to look back and let go of anything that isn’t working for us, use this time to set your New Year’s goals and let go of anything that really wasn’t fruitful in 2015. 2016 is all about you and how far you will go will depend on the foundations you set on this New Moon in Capricorn. You can rise as high as you desire so long as your goals start from a stable and well thought out position. We are at the base of our own mountain right now, the goat (Capricorn) is ready to see the majestic view from the top. From the peak of a mountain the view goes on forever but from the base nothing is clear. It is your task today to envision the view from the top but creating a clear and stable foundation. Defining every detail and working out exactly how you will reach your own summit.