Break the Chains

Full Moon in Leo

Face the Tiger of Fear


January 24, 2016

If you have encountered situations this week where you have had to face yourself and realise where you have self sabotaged, experienced moments where love was not there, been judgemental or felt a lack of self worth that was the bright and potent full moon illuminating those dark and hurtful pieces of ourselves giving us a clear and brilliant opportunity to release, move forward and heal these facets of ourselves. This full moon is basically drawing attention to those time we have been emotionally abusive to ourselves as well as the times we have allowed others to abuse us. It’s time to face the tiger of fear and roar back in its face, stand strong and let go of any behaviour which supports or condones negative relationships and weak sense of self. 

The Full Moon sits in Leo so this is illuminating our pride, what we stand for and what we may have defended or stood for in the past. Look at the situations you have allowed yourself to be in and see at what point you could be the victor by standing in your own truth and not allowing those around you to bully you into making decisions or admitting defeat when in reality you desired to stand in your truth. You are entitled to being heard, supported and loved in all experiences, even those that shine a light on the darkness. What you do with your time, energy and love should be honoured and well received so ensure you are not wasting your time giving away your energy, love or dedication to where it may not be received with the utmost respect and appreciation. This means being paid what you are worth, being appreciated for the little things and allowing yourself to be fulfilled in all aspects of your current and future life as well as being open to receiving abundance and joy from all areas in your life. Don’t limit yourself to making money by working or to only receiving joy when sharing it with a loved one, be OPEN to receive at all times. 

The Full Moon is a Yang masculine action orientated energy and the fire of Leo is amplifying that drive for a life filled with purpose and fulfilment. This is a great time to stand tall, open your arms towards the heavens and manifest your dreams into your everyday reality. Realising your potential and activating your inner wealth and abilities. We each have so much to offer to this planet, it’s time that each of us followed our hearts and allowed ourselves to reach our own summit. Allow that energy of questioning the self and the hurts we have faced to bring you to a place of sincere harmony and pride in our self worth and self love. Let these pains come to focus and just as the moon’s light bathes the nights sky let its illumination wash away any self doubt and trauma we have faced, let go of the narcissist and abuse we have endured in the past. It is time to shine my love. Use this energy to focus on your desires, letting go with ease and grace of what you do not need anymore and let your mind be clear and focused on what is to come. Be cautious of negative thoughts as they will manifest deeper the more you allow them to be present. Think love, be love, act in love. 

In these times of illumination be mindful of the ego trying to trick you into blaming your hurts on others, it’s time to be humble, accountable and accepting of these experiences, each one shaping us into the perfect, capable and desirable being we stand as today. Try to love yourself through these as you release them. Realise when your ego is trying to pull the wool over your eyes and lovingly move on from here. We simply cannot reach our potential wealth or allow ourselves to be loved and fulfilled if we do not accept humbly all the moments of the past which lead to this one of the present. Without judgement take the time to look within and shine a light on those dark spots that no longer hold power over your sense of self and that simply don’t belong in or improve your future. 

Take the time to set these intentions and use some physical activity to help you break the chains of your past once and for all, dancing, a Bajos ritual, yoga, walking, a cleansing swim in the ocean or simply the act of making yourself a loving meal are all great physical ways to show yourself self love and liberation from the past. Be present in your body and what it is experiencing and allow yourself to shine bright this full moon’s night. You are so loved and so worthy.

Have a beautiful weekend!! If you are on the Gold Coast and are wanting to dance with us we will be holding a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Five Elements Dance workshop during the Full Moon at Boheme and Body places are limited but we would love to have you there of course for more details visit our Facebook event page   

The Embrace Bajos Yoni Steam is our latest and most loving blend of herbs. Described as a pretty and potent Yoni hug it is the perfect self loving ritual this full moon. View our full range of Self Love products and services. 

The Embrace Bajos Yoni Steam is our latest and most loving blend of herbs. Described as a pretty and potent Yoni hug it is the perfect self loving ritual this full moon. View our full range of Self Love products and services.