Full Moon in Gemini

Seek the Truth - Speak the Truth



This full moon is potent in transformative energy with Mars and Venus both in Libra and Lillith at their centre our roles as Women and Men are being looked at closely, where is there imbalance, injustice and where have we been sacrificing of ourselves to please the other? Look at how you can bring harmony back into your being by empowering your feminine as a woman and your masculine as a man. It’s time to reclaim our true power and potential and bring back equilibrium to this planet beginning with ourselves. Chiron the master healer joins Neptune who rules illusion in dreamy Pisces, this alignment is calling us to look at how we may have fooled ourselves into pain, where we may have wounds that we are carrying which essentially are not ours. What karma are you carrying which isn’t yours? Now is the time to sit quietly and let the moonlight bathe you and illuminate your illusions to make way for a true whole and authentic you, this may be difficult as Pisces is the dreamer of the cosmos and may try and fool (Neptune) you into believing that what you believe in is truly yours when in actual fact at closer inspection you will realise it isn’t and will feel much lighter, centred and clear for releasing.  Mercury (Communication), Saturn (Physical, Body, 3rd Dimension)  and the Sun all in Sagittarius a strong time of communication with ourselves, asserting once again what each of these planets are asking WHAT IS MY TRUE IDENTITY? Seek your truth and Speak your truth, Pluto who sits on our outskirts rules death and the underworld and joins motherly and nurturing Ceres in Aquarius this rules a purging of the dark and unnecessary in a gentle and loving manner which allows us to truly let go of what we don’t need, imagine you are the universe and as pluto is so far from earth it works for us without harming or touching us, let your letting go be this easy, simply be kind and gentle with yourself and know that it is for the good of the whole that we let go of our own negative patterns, stories and tangled beliefs. Uranus is in Aries a heightened rebellion and sense of self is arising, and this is perfect in helping us to really get to know ourselves, Uranus allows us to have a broader outlook and a greater perspective of what really going on and seeing as this Full Moon can is very much about ME ( Aries I am) this is just the cosmic medicine we need to really look at ourselves and see where we are not in true alignment. Lets not forget about Jupiter the planet of luck and higher wisdom, Jupiter calls us to asses what we know and why we know it, and is in the house of Virgo critical thinking, modest and the sign which represents service the most, so what are the stars telling us again? Oh thats right, Who am I? What is my true calling? What is my truth? Is there a limit to my potential? Where have I fooled myself? 

I create my service.

All of that planetary mumbo jumbo aside let’s take a look at what we really need to know this full moon, firstly it’s very powerful so don’t bother doing any rituals or service towards your monthly me time, it’s not the right time, but rather do sit with it, take your time to process, feel and ride the wave. This potency in energy is literally preparing you for next year where it will be a great purging for us all, the more time you put in releasing and getting comfortable with your darker side the easier it is for you to let go and trust in your true power. At this time you may also be tempted to use negative self talk, self destructive behaviours or party like you are 16 again. DON’T DO IT. Be wise, be self aware and be kind to yourself. This is a very sensitive time and you are going through massive changes and awakenings so give yourself the encouragement, love and compassion you need today and everyday. Having negative thoughts today can have a massive impact on your future self so be aware of the power of your thoughts and think through your higher self. Within each moment we experience the pendulum swing effortlessly back and forth, we choose on which side to spend most of our time on. Choose love. Choose for future you and future generations, choose truth and positive potential. It’s time to close the doors that don’t serve you and rise up to open the doors you have been waiting for.  Life is a series of opportunities to repeat the same mistakes or to pave new pathways. Let this sink and know that you are your own creator, you hold the key to your infinite potential, what you carry and what you let go of only you can govern. 

The time has come to walk the talk, keep shining that unique light and be pure love! Stay with the transformation and find your true essence and your deep and untouched truth. It is time to transform and release old truths, there are truths we call our own truths which we may have been forced to learn along the way, or belief systems which are now outdated, the time has come to asses whether or not these were truly ours or whether we simply carry them as our own way of not having to know ourselves intimately. It’s time to crack open our core truths and really understand ourselves and our potential. 

Inhale Love and Exhale deep, nourishing, pure divine LOVE. Practice an attitude of Gratitude, facing the truth may be hard sometimes but what is harder is living a lie, there may be questions coming up based around what your beliefs are, what you have picked up along the way and what you have been led to believe being shattered, don’t be disappointed as it may be hard to fathom at first you will soon realise this breaking away of ideals is actually leading you to that place of your unique authenticity. Sink into what you are going through right now, let it take you on a journey of self discovery, self love and integrity. Shine your LIGHT!

Love harder than any pain you have ever felt. 

With infinite deep sincere Love and Gratitude. 

SMM xx Yaya