New Moon in Scorpio 11:11

'Walk With Purpose'



The Scorpio New Moon falls on 11:11 and is a powerful and transformative event for all. The New Moon is entirely feminine in it's delivery, the lesson of the scorpion is that of birth/death/rebirth or the life/death/life a cycle which is much like the woman's monthly cycle during her menstruation, this regeneration will be a time of reflecting on the miracle and ease that we can access as we go through this process, resistance of the cycle will lead to stagnation or worse a painful process which only leads to a death through which life is not born from again. Scorpio calls upon innate healing of the entire being, healing which transforms spiritually, mentally and most of all physically. As it draws upon the facets which need regeneration, attention and cleansing.

During this New Moon Pluto lies in both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio meaning we are facing healing of our deepest and darkest aspects, Pluto is our shadow planet, that's which remains unknown but is surfacing in a lovingly and gentle was during this new moon. We are being asked to face ourselves our self assessment and realise where we have falsely led ourselves into darkness and where we have gone right.  This is emphasised by the Mercury (communication) and Chiron (healing) and Moon (spirituality) trine which is formed, it's lesson here is healing of self sabotage and illumination of negative self talk and raising awareness to those activities, experiences and relationships which cause dis-easeand dis-harmony to the body and spirit. It's focus is deep self love, awareness of habits and of course relationships, as we relate to ourselves, spirit, our environment and of course those that are around us, this relationship web is a big focus right now.

It's time to pay attention to the subtle signs, the pains in the body, the tiredness at 3pm, the abnormal hunger, the mad polar thoughts rushing in and out, the mirror that keeps coming up and demanding attention, the breeze which gently whispers past or the birds which call you every morning, pay attention to this medicine calling you in your physical realm, it has an important message for you it's time to find a balance within these moments, as within each of these experiences lies your own personal innate truth. Give yourself time and exquisite and dedicated self love, don't seek lust, external attention or instant gratification but rather love yourself so deeply that you come to your core strength and hearts truth alone. This is the lesson of the Scorpion, it gets to the core and finds the deepest seed planted amongst it all, here you find your place of power, integrity and wholeness so give yourself up to it and immerse yourself wholly in YOU! This is your time to shine baby.

Use this new moon to ask yourself again the important questions
What am I letting go of?
What am I starting or focusing on?
Where have I sought love where I could have nourished myself?
What activities can I do to experience self love more often?
Where is my core, my passions and my integrity?

What comes when you sit down and ask yourself these questions? Write them down and focus your attention on creating positive affirmations and new intentions based around these. It's important to always check in with yourself and the new moon is a perfectly powerful time to do so.
If you are having a hard time with expressing yourself try drawing, painting, gardening or cooking anything to bring back that feminine power, that Devine energy of creation which lies within in all men and women. To be feminine does not mean to be weak, complacent or riddled with ego but rather to walk with ease, grace and integrity and create life from ashes. Know that you are truly capable and able to achieve and experience all that you desire if you commit yourself to your personal purpose and experiences.

Make a commitment with yourself to be truthful, expressive and genuine in your pursuit of happiness, be accountable and notice where you allowed yourself to be a victim to your own tales and begin re-telling those stories with a new and soul building not crushing perspective. We are masters of our own universe and for too long do we let ourselves be fooled into stories of fear, ego and ignorance, it's time to shed light on these fallacies and move forth into positive reassurance and communication through heart and spirit.