Why Steam?

The rising of the ‘Bajos’ Steam and how an ancient practice is being revived


For hundreds of years many civilisations across the Americas have been practicing an ancient method of healing on women known as Bajos; which literally translates as down below. This method of herbal medicine is coming back and being popularised all over the world for its simple and efficacious ability to provide relief and noticeable changes towards reproductive and sacral health in women.


The concept is that a specific blend of herbs combine to provide healing and reduce trauma, cramping, discomfort and often eliminate disease as well as assist in the treatment of diseases associated with the female reproductive organs such as endometriosis, cervical cancers and ovarian cysts among other complications or illnesses. There is a lot of information available to women as well as health practitioners but as they say the proof is in the pudding.  To know the true benefits of this simple technique one must try it for themselves. Each individual is unique and our perception, health, history and beliefs are unique to our own experiences therefore each experience is unique to the individual.


Like in Ayurveda the causes of disease can be many but the healing or remedy is simply found in nature, so we look to the plants and botanicals around us to provide support, relief and healing. For those who do not know of Ayurveda or may not be sure of its efficiency simply consider that all of nature has a cure for each and every disease. Fundamentally there is no reason for suffering, suffering or disease is seen as a disconnection to nature itself. Bajos are quick and easy connection to nature, by combining organic herbs with minerals and frequency we are able to connect once again with ourselves, the elements as well as all beings around us thus removing disease and suffering from our individual body. It is strongly believed that everything is connected so when one individual suffers from loss of equilibrium which in turn causes discomfort or disease that we must look to nature which connects the whole and find balance once again in the body in order to create harmony across planet earth.


Bajos is a nurturing and relaxing self-love and healing treatment which can easily be practised at home alone or as a treatment session with a practitioner, across the world they are popping up at retreats, spa houses and health clinics due to their efficiency and healing qualities. These sessions can be performed in a number of varied ways from a simple and fast 20-minute home steam to a full treatment session including massage and meditation there is no limit to how one can be performed and no real guidelines on what is wrong or right. Essentially each method and treatment is right as individuals have their own requirements and health needs.


At Sacred Moon Medicine we have a number of blends available and unique blends are always welcome, iit is personally up to each individual to choose which blend and at what frequency they are performed. It is recommended initially that three are performed in the week leading up to the menstrual cycle ending three days before the due date. To make the most of your steam be sure to give yourself a couple of hours of alone time, firstly to prepare, perhaps set some intentions or spend some time connecting with your womb centre to communicate with this area before and during your treatment, you may also want to prepare some crystals, a relaxing cup of tea, some soft music and candlelight and ensure you are comfortable throughout and after your session. Clothing must be loose and non-synthetic so natural cotton and fibres are best, you should select two blankets to wrap over yourself made also of cotton or natural woven wool. When selecting your area make sure you will be comfortable resting for 20 minutes and that you will not be in any danger of burning yourself or spilling the water in your chosen bowl.

To begin take one litre of filtered mineral or natural spring water (Do not use regular tap water) bring to the boil, once boiled add your blend of herbs to the water and turn down to a simmer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes place a lid on the pot and remove from the heat, allow to steep for ten minutes as you prepare your area, you may use a slatted chair or purpose built chair, you can also stack pillows and blankets or towels around your preferred bowl and sit on the floor but be sure to avoid touching the bowl directly, some women also use the urinal seat of their bathroom this is most effective really, simply clean this area thoroughly before hand, place a towel folded in the bowl, transfer your herbs into your preferred dish and gently and very carefully place it where you feel most comfortable and safe, you will be here for twenty minutes so comfort and safety is essential. Once you are ready remove any unnecessary items of clothing, such as underwear or any synthetic items, remove the lid of your dish and gently sit over it, you should not be touching it at all, it should be at least 5-7cm below you, wrap a cotton blanket over your legs and tightly around your waist and then another one over your shoulders closing it over your legs, as though making a small steaming tent with you body. If it’s too hot just shift and adjust yourself a bit to allow a little air to pass through but don’t let all the steam escape, as this is what we are after. After 20 minutes take your time in getting up and wait for the bowl to cool completely before emptying, usually the garden or among plants is ideal for this.


Its really that simple, these practices of exquisite self care not only offer a moment of peace, reflection and self love but also aide in the relief of various illnesses and disease, excessive cramping, bloating, irregular or heavy bleeding, infertility, to tone and cleanse the vagina, balance pH levels, remove buildup and release trauma as well as being back absent menstrual flows among many other noticeable benefits each which are individual to the users requirements and experience. As a society we are going back to our grassroots and seeking medicine among mother nature more so now than ever, although the number of people being prescribed chemical antidepressants and stimulants isn’t dropping dramatically there is a rise in whole medicine and we are looking to our ancestors and forefathers for ancient untold wisdom and discovering a world of healing where nature and humanity are one yet again, this is partly the inspiration behind Sacred Moon Medicine as personally I have always sought to connect myself and community with Mother Nature and have always been interested in healing through nature, studying nutrition and natural therapies with the knowing that all ailments have their medicine in nature.

Bajos Steams for me has been a journey I could not have foreseen two years ago and before I even tried my first one I know this was a gift that I had to share with those around me. So thank you for joining me and I look forward to sharing this personal journey with you and connecting with you on your personal Bajos steam journey. Our bodies are so powerful so its important to honour and cherish them as much as possible, what have you done today to shower yourself with gratitude and love? 

Find out why a steam works for you today. 

SMM xx


Pictured here is our RADIANCE blend, an essential for vibrant health and a pain free and regular menstrual cycle,  this blend is recommended to be used at least three times in the weeks leading up to your flow. 

Pictured here is our RADIANCE blend, an essential for vibrant health and a pain free and regular menstrual cycle,  this blend is recommended to be used at least three times in the weeks leading up to your flow.