Clarity is come, Ground in and Illuminate



Full Moon in TAURUS 2016.  

Full Moon in TAURUS 2016.  

Awakening personal potential through self love and grounding into our goals through practical and gentle focus.



A full moon will always bring with it clarity and vibrancy in its energy, but a Super Moon radiates a level of illumination that is so much more potent and powerful.

This Super Moon will be the most spectacular full moon we have had since 1948, making it one of the most influential and significant full moons of most of our lifetimes. What an incredible time to be alive and set goals for the future.

The big focuses this full moon will be on our relationship with money and abundance. Being careful and aware of expenses and where we choose to spend and not spend money. Particularly paying attention to our attitude towards money, essentially eliminating negative self talk such as "I am so poor", "I can't afford it", "that's too much money" etc. These negative sentences can be deeply impacting and be the prerequisite for how we associate with finances. Basically cut the bullshit! You are not por you are ABUNDANT, you have more money than over 75% of the world does, anyone who earns more than $50 a week is already in the top 25% of the world. So get out of your head and look around you! You have so much potential, you have a roof over your head and a healthy body. Accept it and begin to show gratitude for the many gifts you have already been given this lifetime. Things can only get better from here.

It's incredible how simply changing the way we frame our sentences can deeply and profoundly impact our lives. With the super moon it's very important to be self aware, if you catch yourself out saying something negative or perhaps even slightly self sabotaging take the time to listen to yourself and re-structure your words to suit a positive and goal achieving direction. The only reason why we don't get what we want is because we tend to speak to ourselves in self destructive and self harming ways. Today you are being told to stop that and give yourself the love, respect and abundance you deserve. It starts with you, this full moon is here to show you, you are solely responsible for your experience of abundance.

If you speak to yourself negatively, be prepared to receive the consequences of your thoughts. Remember your body hears everything your mind says.


In the same light (so to speak) our self worth is here illuminated, just as our relationship towards money is indicated by our wealth, our relationship to ourself is also a reflected in our wealth and external relationships.

It's time to be practical, with ourselves, with our goals and with our expenses. Everything deserves equal opportunity and awareness. This full moon influences calm and clear thinking, deep emotional grounding and positive self worth while opening our hearts to receiving abundance without self restriction and sabotage.


The past few months have been so intense, as though we were caught in some arid storm. This full moon is bringing with it clarity as it gently whispers 'the storm is over'. Take a deep breathe and sigh of relief! It's time to truly see your worth, relationships, finances, opportunities, potential and dreams illuminated.


Scorpio had been rather negative for us this month raising fears, suspicions, calculated stories, intense and complex experiences and overall disrupting the ease we may have once felt. This Full Moon is here to wash away those negative influences and bring to us to a place that is filled with clarity and stability. Venus also influences us with a deep sense of love removing tales of jealousy and fear.


Basically self worth, security, stability, sensuality, tenderness and realistic values will be the main influences this alignment, eliminating the negative influences of the past.


Take the time to observe the bigger picture, be clear and positive in communicating your passions, be realistic in assessing your goals and finances. Actualise and materialise your dreams, NOW. See past inadequacy and escapism (Scorpio) replace this with a deep sense of Love (Venus) and see your truth (Taurus).


You may have noticed a positive shift in your outlook towards your goals, businesses and self worth and stay focused on ensuring this is how you treat yourself from here on out.


This is the most single significant full moon of your physical existence. Do not waste time on a few negative words, stressing over insignificant momentary issues, drawing attention to circumstances that create fear or stories that deny your ability to receive abundance. This Full Moon is truly Your gift from the universe! Take it! Run with it, be with it and fucking shine your light! We are all so worthy and so ready to receive! What is it you desire? What are your dreams? How do you visualise your life? Where do you prevent your experiences from flourishing?

Be with yourself, listen to your words and be kind and gentle (which will be easy as Taurus is ruling your emotions today)


Enjoy your experience and remember you are LOVE in its most physical form.


With so much LOVE and sincere gratitude. Many blessings be with you this Lunation  


xxx Yaya  

SMM Mama  

The only thing holding you back is YOU

Full moon in Aries

 What are you waiting for? What is it you are waiting for? What is the sign, person, situation or lack that is holding you back from achieving? Have you taken the time to observe yourself and asked is it you that you have been waiting for all along?


This Full Moon rests in the Aries sign, action oriented, self assured, excitable, quick witted, often pushy and considerably self absorbed, this moon is all about ME.

One of the key phrases for Aries, is I AM. And a rightful phrase it is. Aries is the first of the zodiacs, the alpha, leader and often trend setter. Although they are liberal in their ability to lead and forge new pathways one weakness the Aries sign tends to have is a lack of subtlety or gentleness in their action. Welcome Sun in Libra, balance, cooperation, strong diplomacy skills and a desire to encourage harmony and growth for all. Combine these two powerful forces who are resting in their masculine and feminine opposite, Aries being masculine and Libra Feminine, and we have a divine union, an opportunity to combine forces within ourselves and recognise what we need to act upon and what we need to allow once and for all. To observe what our internal masculine and feminine each require for us to evolve, explore and achieve.


This full moon is bursting with energy, a super moon whose energy will be felt in the days leading up to its rising.

You may have felt in the weeks leading up to this alignment a lot of confusion, a bit of floating in the wild abyss with no true direction, clarity or purpose. Well prepare yourself to be shocked, lifted and exposed to an influx of energy and information that will begin to set the wheels in motion towards your goals. There was a foggy period there where we were almost in a cocoon like state, resting and renewing ourselves and our environment while we prepare a clean slate for our dreams and intentions to manifest.

These periods can bring with them various difficult and often trying emotions and experiences. Making even the most mundane tasks difficult to face. It rest assured this hazy cloud of unwanted stagnant energy is now lifting away. Bringing with it clarity, passion and direction. Harness that energy within your sacral right now and discover your ability to create, use it to grow something, place all of its potential toward your dreams. You are now in a rich journey of self discovery and mastery. make the most of it. 

Write down your dreams, passions, get creative and explore your personal potential. Use this moment to recognise the minor qualities within yourself that are holding you back from achieving and grow your personal wealth today.

There is nothing holding you back anymore, go get it. 

Sending you many blessings of prosperity and love of phenomenal measures this full moon. 

Take the time to practice your Full Moon exquisite self care ritual and make the most of this alignment, but most of all take from these energies what you need, listen to your intuition and use this Supermoon to activate your personal clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. 


When the water is still, The reflection is clearest

FULL MOON in Pisces and Sun in Virgo - Penumbral Eclipse

This Full Moon and Penumbral eclipse is a magical, creative and sensual moon with a kick of renewing energy, clarity and ass kicking self reflection. 


When the water is still

the reflection is the clearest


This is the message of the Moon in Pisces this eclipse. He the depths of our dreams and subconscious joined with the intelligent and thoughtful Virgo Sun has a message of awakening for us all. It is time to clear up those waters, remove the debris, blockages and stop spreading ourselves across too many insignificant streams and come into a place of stillness and pure wholeness.  This process may bring up some rather truthful and often hard to face personal revelations, either in the form of experiences or subtle signs and sometimes in the honest voice of a loved one or a simple questioning of your desires. Just as the water of Pisces flows and renews take this as an invitation for you to truly get to know yourself. This is all about YOU. Use this potential to bring clarity and awareness within, to surrender to what it is your higher self and soul is truly guiding you towards. 


Pay attention to your dreams and subconscious thoughts now, where do they sit and are they in favour of your highest purpose or are you working against yourself? It may be that you have influenced your very own stale mate by being rigid in your ‘plan’ don’t feel as though surrender or letting go is a weakness, being flexible and open to opportunity could result in uncovering a diamond which you hid amongst your own rigidity. 


Desire to be inflexible with our goals or dreams is a sign of a lack of balance and a need to hold on to the potentials outcome. The answer here is in the question - Am I able to surrender? Can you truly and honestly answer this with a YES! If the universe was to throw you a handful of curveballs, how would you respond? Would you be able to flow and allow yourself to be led or will you feel as though life or your choices have failed you? Nothing in life is wrong, bad for you or unrelated to your fulfilment of desires. Here is an opportunity to truly check in with that. 


Start by being clear on what it is you truly desire out of life and begin to activate a plan that will allow you to achieve it. But look for the points where you are inflexible or perhaps even skipping steps. This will allow you to open up to higher levels of fulfilment, wealth, opportunity and release. 


To activate and embody the potential of this full moon take the time to do something creative, and perhaps incorporate your goal setting by creating a vision board. Write a list of the things you love about yourself and what you have achieved so far. Cut off any loose ends. End those relationships, forgive those of the past, check in with yourself and release anything that is holding you back from knowing yourself and your environment on an intimate level. 


You are being given an opportunity to asses your life and get rid of the shit that doesn’t serve you. Stop making excuses for he pointless, soul sucking assholes in your life who don’t honour your worth and push you to achieve your goals. Stop wasting time on jobs, activities, purchases and ideas that do not amplify your potential or abundance. JUST STOP. You have no one to blame for your own misfortune, loss, pain or grief but yourself. You are the sole decision maker in your life. You are the reason you stand here today reading this. LOVE THAT. Don’t blame anyone else, LOVE YOURSELF in each moment, remind yourself of your true worth, understand you are worthy of achieving and accessing all the wealth, joy, love, adventure, fulfilment, abundance, happiness whatever it may be you are lacking in, you deserve it. so GET IT GIRL. 



Key Points this Full Moon  


  • Karmic relationships, 
  • Cutting off loose ends
  • Manifesting in the coming months
  • Letting Go
  • Surrender
  • Sensual
  • Acceptance of the plan B, C, D, E or even Z
  • Awareness of our ability to control and manipulate 
  • Be kind in your thoughts and words
  • Remain silent if you are un-knowing
  • Let answer come to you before you even asked the question
  • Know you are worthy of fulfilment
  • Create your potential


Take the time to get creative, move your body to help removing blockages, go for a run, dance, play, sing, draw, write, paint, make something, anything, just let it flow. Take the time to really drop in and perform some exquisite self care acts, make this a weekly ritual, take a bath, out on a face mask, scrub your body, have a Yoni Steam, purchase some lingerie or take yourself out for a massage. Ideally do all of the above, but most of all be sure to honour, appreciate and be so loving to yourself that you feel the gold literally dripping off you by the end of the day. Cut some chords, make new friends, play and remember to accept your choices and their limitations. 


You are a miracle of miracles. Manifest away and use this moon to fulfil your desires and goals today and everyday. 


xx With So much LOVE and blessings for your prosperity and a peaceful alignment 


Yanina SMM xx

Self Love and Self Image

How we may have taken up unnecessary body image expectations and forgotten to love ourselves in the process

New Moon in Leo

A new moon is a time of introspection and essentially ‘me time’ The perfect time to look at how we interact amongst our environment as well as within ourselves. What we experience and see in our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world. So if we find ourselves out of harmony, disappointed or hurt by our environment its time to go within and find out what is wrong here first. 


Self love seems to be a recurring topic for me. This month the focus being on self acceptance and how easily we can self harm. We are bombarded by external influences telling us how to look. what to wear, eat and how to behave. The addition of social media has amplified this by an immense volume. It is is tough out there. Then there is the addiction to perfecting our image by using photo filters, good angles and even apps which basically change your entire body or face just so you can deny your true beauty and live up to some irrational and non existent ideal. The reality is there is not a real image that men and women look up to, there is simply an ideal. There is no God or Goddess we are trying to be, there is just misleading and harmful images portraying something which essentially is unattainable. The truth in all of this is that we are ALL unique, beautiful, perfect and worthy just as we are in each moment. Neither of us needing to lose or gain weight, smile more or less, eat better, work harder or try to be anything more than we already are. If we can learn to love ourselves in each and every moment and accept what we have the rest becomes so much easier. 


If we spend a lifetime worrying about how we look or where we need to be better then when do we find the time to enjoy anything? 

One thing I learnt from a collection of experience this year is self love. Well I can’t say I have learnt to truly love myself because I still pull myself up on some bad habits here and there, but I am close.  I realised that just because I wasn’t a size 6 anymore (which I was in my wilder times, often with the help of a few friends on the weekend) doesn’t mean that I am not as if not more beautiful than in the past. I recently looked at myself in the mirror and realised all the things that I thought needed fixing in myself at that point were the exact same things I was trying to fix when I was a raw, vegan. yoga addicted, half day water detox and running everyday. When I look back at photos of fit and teeny me I remember the things I used to say to myself and they were the same things I said to myself until recently. For years I had carried some really unnecessary and incredibly hurtful baggage. I couldn’t really tell you where I picked up these harmful habits, who it was that forced me to believe lies about myself or what experience triggered these patterns but I can tell you that I lied to and hurt myself over them for years. 

I believed these stories so much that I didn’t appreciate my body, while others commented on how beautiful I was and my partner tried to convince me so, I thought these people were just telling me things I wanted to hear, instead of believing them I crushed my own self worth. This all started to change recently, bit by bit I began to uncover my true worth, I started to see how beautiful, resilient and forgiving my body was. How much every scar, stretch mark and cell in my being is a reflection of my experiences and how I can be radiant by simply loving myself. I started to change the way I see myself and this began to change the environment around me. I began to see beauty everywhere, perfection in each moment. This helped me to accept myself on a deeper and more sincere level than I had ever before. What was once a body I thought was fat, unhealthy, undesirable or odd I began to see as lovingly perfect. I did this crazy thing where I denied myself from wearing jeans because I thought who would want to see my body in jeans? I don’t have a flat enough tummy or long enough legs? Wow was I wrong. I decided to treat myself and after building up the courage asked a girlfriend to come jean shopping with me. That day was one of the happiest days of my life as I realised I looked fucking amazing in jeans, I wasn't exactly supermodel material but I looked perfect just being me. All this time wasted convincing myself I couldn’t wear them disappeared as I realised it wasn’t about having the perfect body but having the perfect mind. 

Confidence can be rather arbitrary, it really doesn’t take much to destroy ones confidence, but just the same it really doesn’t take much to repair it. It's time to break those self destructive habits and learn to love ourselves for who we are. We are surrounded by opportunity to accept ourselves but often times we lose ourselves amongst our experiences. If we cannot accept ourselves or the experiences we face how can we expect others to accept us? 

If we can let go of the thoughts, patterns and stories which cause harm to us we can free ourselves of our limiting belief systems and access a level of self worth unlike anything we have ever known. This is a powerful process, by releasing our fears we allow ourselves to receive love and fulfil our dreams.

We are raised in a world of lacking mentality, you are not enough, you don’t have enough, you will not achieve enough…not true. Who you are IS enough, you are capable of achieving anything you desire and can have all you ever dream of. The key is in truly believing you are worth it. Remember that tv commercial that said “because you are worth it” well its true, you are! 

Challenge yourself to be kind and loving. Not just to those around you but to yourself first. We often don’t realise how harmful we are to ourselves or how much we limit our own potential. If we can feel rich and valuable on the inside we can begin to see this reflected on the outside. If we truly believe in ourselves and our worth we can accept that our value is much higher than we once thought. The thing about wealth is that it comes when we know we are truly deserving of it. Your external wealth is a direct reflection of your internal world.If we can come to a place where we are internally rich we will be rewarded externally also. If your outer world is not in harmony, not fulfilling you or not showing your potential perhaps it is time to go within and start at the source of your wealth. 

End the struggle and love each moment for what it is. 

We need to make peace with our bodies, in order to have peace on the outside. If each of us can come to terms with who we are, what we are destined for and how much we deserve we will all succeed and not have the time to hurt, harm or destroy another. Peace will come when we learn to accept and love ourselves. 

Once we can find this peace, accept our worth, stop putting ourselves down and take lightly what we receive we can find ourselves in a place of luxurious joy on all levels. Fulfilling not only our internal desires but also our external and worldly desires. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a life of luxury or desiring anything as long as we know in hearts that we deserve these things  and we feed ourselves with love and compassion and commit to a life of loving ourselves to the point of absolute fulfilment. 

Cut yourself free from your limiting beliefs, it is time to remove these blockages and accept that the old models of self worth are outdated. Free yourself from these harmful thought processes and look clearly at yourself and your surroundings and make sure that they serve your new away of thinking. You may find that people are around actually only have positive things to say if you allow it to be heard. You may not have even realised until recently that you may have taken on board a belief system which doesn’t actually resonate or belong to you. Be with this and set yourself free. 

You have no idea the riches and possibility coming your way. Be open to it, but first be committed to love yourself and rid yourself of those unnecessary entanglements. We are each of us born perfect, without judgement, limitations or self doubt. But somewhere along the way we heard things which made us feel imperfect, viewed and experienced things which made us feel odd or not good enough and slowly without notice or awareness we took on board these limiting belief systems as our own. Truth is they aren’t our responsibility to carry around and while it may be hard work to face, the love and fulfilment we receive once we drop these expectations and fallacies is limitless and infinite. 

Wow this is a big one for ALL of us. We have all experienced judgment at some point. Not knowing that most of the time it comes from ourselves. Take it slowly, but start by telling yourself just how much you love and accept yourself. Be sincere.  Perform acts of exquisite self care, indulge and treat yourself every now and again. Allow yourself to feel as rich, beautiful and desirable as you want. Do not let the world around you tell you how to do you! 

Be creative, be expressive but most of all be YOURSELF! Take the time to write a list of things that you love about yourself, lose yourself in this moment and be open to learning more about yourself. 

Enjoy yourself, there is only one of you, so be the best version you can be and love yourself no matter what you are going through or what you look like. Guaranteed if you can love yourself at your worst you will look and feel better at your best. 

Full Moon in Capricorn

My Greatest Strength Is My Ability To Love Myself

Full Moon in Capricorn by Yanina Benavidez 

Full Moon in Capricorn by Yanina Benavidez 

This full moon is one that calls upon rest, integration and self love of the highest order, Asking us to take our time and be gentle as we journey closer to achieving our goals. While we may have a goal in mind it is reminding us that sometimes forging ahead actually puts us behind, so the message is to rest and do less. Take the time to ground, sink your roots deep into the earth and allow the nourishment and unconditional love to rise gently throughout your body. Know that this gentle method of healing and integration is available to you always by taking the time to enjoy its potential right now.


We have in our lifetimes endured, learnt, loved, grown, felt, tasted and seen many things which either pleased or displeased our spirit. Experiences which may have caused hurt, frustration, anger, and at times love, joy, bliss and surrender. The time has come to accept all of these experiences as one and all with the bigger picture or with our soul purpose or life goal. Knowing that no matter how difficult, joyful, trying or hurtful a moment or memory may be it is essentially still a manifestation of our purpose on earth. Take the time to surrender to these experiences and accept them for their lessons in their entirety. It is time to stop blaming external forces, circumstances and experiences on why we haven’t followed our hearts, achieved our goals or succeeded in fulfilling our dreams. We can no longer push the blame but rather accept that their perfection lies in being a part of the intrinsic whole. We spend too much time favouring what is good and right and rejecting that which isn’t that we forget that even those ‘mistakes’ are simply choices which inevitably led us here in the end. ACCEPT. 


This acceptance will lead us to forgiveness and forgiveness as I have mentioned a thousand times and as we are taught is THE PATHWAY TO LOVE. So accept and forgive and learn to love yourself in your pure perfect wholeness. If you are finding yourself blocked, blaming or projecting onto others take the time now to release this belief system and realise you are all of your experiences and emotions. Only you can be the master of how you feel, react to and experience life. So stop trying to blame others for your lack of success, fulfilment, joy, love or wealth. Take ownership. Be your authentic self and know that no amount of hurt or trauma is not perfectly in line with your soul purpose. It is a part of your perfect journey, don't deny it.


But try to be gentle, be kind and above all be LOVING with yourself. You are in the process of coming in to your absolute fullness, accept it with compassion and integrity. Only you can show yourself your true worth, be all about it. Live your purpose and demand fulfilment of your greatest desires. Don't allow yourself to be pushed around if you feel pushed around, plant your roots and stand strong in your truth and purpose. Take the time to allow Mother Earth to support you, ground yourself as deep and as true as you can and let this journey and transition flow with the ease and grace of Mother Nature herself, never seeking to be seen, smelt or adored but rather allowing her own unfolding to take place as needed. Today a new leaf is turned and the call to just let things be as they are in each moment is loud and clear. 


In order for you to succeed in your dreams you need to believe in them so diligently that they have no choice but to unfold before your eyes, be like the lotus who grows out of the mud, the circumstances don’t appear to be desirable yet somehow when the flower breaks through the water and begins to blossom not a single drop of murky water is found on its full expression. It remains beautiful and untouched by that which it came from. 


Take your time, listen to your heart and let it guide you to your true potential. We are all made of stars and to the stars we will return but not before we learn to discover our true worth. Be gentle and trust your intuition. Allow it to guide you through this time of change and acceptance. You are not your experiences but instead what you make of them.



My greatest strength is my ability to love myself.



Love and so many heart felt blessings, now rest and do something each day that reminds you to love yourself. 


Yanina Benavidez

SMM xx 

Surrender to Grow

Full Moon in Sagittarius 

May 22, 2016 

Everything seems a little chaotic, exhausting and maybe even a little confusing right now, Mercury just moments from going direct is churning out the last of his retrograde lessons, while Mars in retrograde as well as Sagittarius is activating all sorts of movement in the form of spontaneous, passionate or aggressive energy. This can cause a bit of tension in our relationships as well as send us on a whirlwind of thoughts and imaginings. Don’t get upset about this, just flow with it. Don’t control it, hold on to it or judge this at all. Let it be and know that regardless of your thoughts, feelings or actions you are accepting of both your shadow and light.

The full moon illuminates the shadowy depths of our inner working and this full moon in Sagittarius is just the beginning of this next months tumultuous work which will continue on to the next full moon in June also falling house of Sagittarius, next months full moon will complete the work that this one has started for you. Expect to feel the effects of the Mars retrograde deeper and stronger than ever as the full moon literally puts a spotlight on it as they are conjunct (aligned) and frustrations come to the surface. Let them be and as tense as it may be don’t fight these feelings or attempt to control them, your Mars in retrograde is not in its power so needs to be treated delicately like a child who is caught out for stealing don’t shun what is happening but rather encourage compassion, understanding and acceptance so that this behavior doesn’t come up as a pattern in future. This full moon we are being shown to accept and love every facet of yourself with grace and love. Surrender to and allow those parts of your shadow, which you may have believed are not serving you. We all have light and shadow aspects and for a long time we repressed, denied or disempowered these aspects as opposed to accepting and working with these facets of ourselves to better our self love and potential. By working with and allowing the shadow to simply exist we dive deeper into our own experience and begin to uncover gifts within ourselves we may not have known about or have not allowed to flourish. Use this full moon to plant seeds of self-acceptance and love so that the coming full moon in June we can allow these untapped gifts to grow into and blossom to their highest purpose.

We have to stop feeling guilty or in denial of our wholeness, if we cannot face or accept this wholeness how do we expect ourselves to be loved, held or heard? We cannot receive from others if we are stifling our own feelings. While a huge focus this full moon is relationships and tensions based around relationships, as well as potential imbalances be sure to address and asses whether or not these are coming from your internal being or if they actually are a cause for concern. In relationships we tend to project to those who reflect things within us we may not see or choose to accept, so be graceful in hearing your lovers or those around you and take the time to be with these changes and revelations. If you don’t give yourself the time you may find yourself feeling much more frustrated than necessary and making decisions or jumping to conclusions which you may later regret.


Take on board the characteristics of Sagittarius and allow yourself to laugh at those times you may have foolishly said something out of character or reacted to something unnecessarily.  Play, explore and be open to your potential. The time to shine is coming, be prepared to open yourself up to your limitless capabilities by simply allowing what is happening to simply happen without force or expectations. Take time out and maybe go away for a couple of days or spend some time doing something completely new. This is the time to be fearless and explore not only the internal world but also your external environment.


Only you can be the teller of your story, so take the time this full moon to really be with yours, accepting, allowing and acknowledging the entire picture without judgment or fear of hurts.

Enjoy this full moon and be prepared to open yourself up to love and life like never before. 

The New Book of YOU

Sun and New Moon In Aries

A New Beginning is here

It's time to start again. To completely reclaim ourselves and write our book for ourselves, our future and our fulfilment. 

The New Moon and Sun in Aries are here and urging us to take the first step in a new direction, to finally walk away from those situations in life we may have once felt safe in but over time realised they may have taught us all they can or have begun restricting us. It is time to accept change and liberation. 

While in the past few weeks we faced and transitioned through two eclipses and some super charged energy we also faced these powerful reflections within our daily lives and this week we are given the chance to start again and may have already experienced the potential of the New Moon in Aries so far. Heralding in new beginnings, letting go and releasing of roles that we no longer need to identify ourselves with. 

The time to shine, stand tall, let go and step up is here. To open up and be honest, speak your truth and stand your ground, to walk with confidence knowing that if you follow your hearts subtle signs you will find yourself in a place of power and balance.  

It's time to clean out the closet, in the mind, the heart and the home, if it helps clear out any clutter, throw out old books, linen and clothes ( of course send them to be re-loved if possible) and rearrange things so that you can live in a vibrant, harmonious and liberating space at all times. If you have been considering moving or taking a leap of faith know that faith fully supports you right now so take that first step, the first step is always the hardest but also the most rewarding. Honour yourself at this time, Aries is all about ME, it is the I AM of the cosmos, use this and set your goals, reminding yourself I AM worthy, I AM a miracle, I AM loved, I AM abundant, I AM supported. Whatever it is remind yourself and find that inner strength and power that is at play over this New Moon, write your own story.

Activate your personal freedom, liberate yourself from the stories in the past which activated things in you you don't resonate with and step into the full embodiment of the magnificent you that you are. Spend time with your intuition, trust, be patient and allow it to develop and speak to you from your core. Listen quietly for subtle signs and gather them like fruits from the harvest. Your connection to spirit is always there, always potent and always available for you to take advantage of. Use this right now to guide you forward and support you on your quest. 

Aries being a fire sign is also here to burn off the last of that which remains, allowing us to rise like the glorious Phoenix from the ashes of the past and embody our most potent and active self. Purifying the soul and our lives in one final cleansing flame. In the past this purification and fire looked like it would hurt us, gave us a sense of fear or destruction when in actual fact it is the very act that will heal and liberate. The soil has been tended to, the roots of the old and the creepy crawlies that were harmful have been swept away, the earth is now cleared and ready to be sown once again, so take your seeds and ready them to bare for you fruits unlike ever before. Your time to achieve, succeed, adventure and take on your new world is here and ready for your commitment. For some there may also be stories in the past which were hurtful or confusing and there may be some clarity and retelling of these tales, allowing for things to blossom and find a new light. Be open, receptive and allow your intuition to open you up to the true potential of this new book of yours. 

Be your authentic self and discover your heart's potential, the time to take a stand has come. Be courageous and prepared for this journey, once you take the first step forward there is no looking back, there will be no stepping back into old habits or comforts, you will be on a new path so whatever you do use your wisdom to guide you there and don't act out of anger, resentment or fear or this will mark your future out for you as one that has more lessons than gifts. 

The Life Death Life cycle is here for you. What will die to allow you to live your life to its fullest? what will live to allow the death of something else? Set your intentions tonight and allow yourself to sit in a personal ceremony, honour the experiences you have had and use this opportunity to grow, transform and liberate yourself. 

So much LOVE and GRATITUDE I honour you for your presence

Enjoy this magnificent energy and make the most of it today. 

A little self care goes a long way today xx

Sacred Moon Medicine 

Full Moon in Virgo - Sun in Pisces

Key words this week
Acceptance, freewill, patience, surrender.

Virgo in Zodiac Series by Yanina Benavidez

Virgo in Zodiac Series by Yanina Benavidez

This lunation is one of pure love and compassion for the self, surrender to the will of the whole, acceptance of what is as it is, patience for what should be or what will be to develop and the freewill to allow love to reside in all experiences, even those that appear to be furthest from love. Love is unconditional, putting limitations on what love looks, feels or should be like removes our ability to accept, give and feel love freely. Don’t be pushy, let what comes to the surface come to surface, let those who need you come to you, let abundance flow in with love and gratitude as it flows out. Let it be. Whatever it is let it be. Flow with ease like water, the Sun in Pisces should support you here. 
Don’t allow your misconceptions of yourself, your so called imperfections, self-doubts, past, present or future worries control your abilities and current state of affairs, breathe in deep and feel the cosmic magnificence surrounding you, you are entirely made of the stars, your personal expressions are worthy of recognition, praise, potential and expansion. realise that, stop giving in to your shadows and take hold of your future today. Allow yourself to be so loved, so whole, so pure and full of your own unique qualities that the world around you can do nothing short of support and encourage you. 
Think back to the last time Pisces met with Virgo during the eclipse in September last year, what seeds did you plant so so deep in the cosmos? Do you recall what it was you buried deep in this alignment? If you cannot soothe and settle your monkey mind then maybe it’s calling you to look at these seeds and give them nourishment. Have you made progress? What can you do to ensure your fulfilment, success and happiness? Virgo has a tendency to be the perfectionist, he is a master of fine details and understands the mechanics of the task at hand, so go deep and uncover those intentions and take the time to give them energy while the moon is full and illuminating all, rediscover what it is your life is all about and realise how far you have come already. It is time to move forward, work out what your priorities are for the future, how you truly plan on feeling whole, radiating love, compassion and opportunity. 

Lastly get creative, go within, draw, write or let your dreams guide you towards your heart without judgement, expectations or restrictions. Let the energies surrounding you ground you and provide security for what is, what has been and what is to come. But most of all take the time to tune in, listen and let spirit guide you towards your own interpretation of what this alignment is here to illuminate for you, for you hold the keys to your infinite potential.

With so much LOVE and Gratitude

Yanina SMM xx  

Break the Chains

Full Moon in Leo

Face the Tiger of Fear


January 24, 2016

If you have encountered situations this week where you have had to face yourself and realise where you have self sabotaged, experienced moments where love was not there, been judgemental or felt a lack of self worth that was the bright and potent full moon illuminating those dark and hurtful pieces of ourselves giving us a clear and brilliant opportunity to release, move forward and heal these facets of ourselves. This full moon is basically drawing attention to those time we have been emotionally abusive to ourselves as well as the times we have allowed others to abuse us. It’s time to face the tiger of fear and roar back in its face, stand strong and let go of any behaviour which supports or condones negative relationships and weak sense of self. 

The Full Moon sits in Leo so this is illuminating our pride, what we stand for and what we may have defended or stood for in the past. Look at the situations you have allowed yourself to be in and see at what point you could be the victor by standing in your own truth and not allowing those around you to bully you into making decisions or admitting defeat when in reality you desired to stand in your truth. You are entitled to being heard, supported and loved in all experiences, even those that shine a light on the darkness. What you do with your time, energy and love should be honoured and well received so ensure you are not wasting your time giving away your energy, love or dedication to where it may not be received with the utmost respect and appreciation. This means being paid what you are worth, being appreciated for the little things and allowing yourself to be fulfilled in all aspects of your current and future life as well as being open to receiving abundance and joy from all areas in your life. Don’t limit yourself to making money by working or to only receiving joy when sharing it with a loved one, be OPEN to receive at all times. 

The Full Moon is a Yang masculine action orientated energy and the fire of Leo is amplifying that drive for a life filled with purpose and fulfilment. This is a great time to stand tall, open your arms towards the heavens and manifest your dreams into your everyday reality. Realising your potential and activating your inner wealth and abilities. We each have so much to offer to this planet, it’s time that each of us followed our hearts and allowed ourselves to reach our own summit. Allow that energy of questioning the self and the hurts we have faced to bring you to a place of sincere harmony and pride in our self worth and self love. Let these pains come to focus and just as the moon’s light bathes the nights sky let its illumination wash away any self doubt and trauma we have faced, let go of the narcissist and abuse we have endured in the past. It is time to shine my love. Use this energy to focus on your desires, letting go with ease and grace of what you do not need anymore and let your mind be clear and focused on what is to come. Be cautious of negative thoughts as they will manifest deeper the more you allow them to be present. Think love, be love, act in love. 

In these times of illumination be mindful of the ego trying to trick you into blaming your hurts on others, it’s time to be humble, accountable and accepting of these experiences, each one shaping us into the perfect, capable and desirable being we stand as today. Try to love yourself through these as you release them. Realise when your ego is trying to pull the wool over your eyes and lovingly move on from here. We simply cannot reach our potential wealth or allow ourselves to be loved and fulfilled if we do not accept humbly all the moments of the past which lead to this one of the present. Without judgement take the time to look within and shine a light on those dark spots that no longer hold power over your sense of self and that simply don’t belong in or improve your future. 

Take the time to set these intentions and use some physical activity to help you break the chains of your past once and for all, dancing, a Bajos ritual, yoga, walking, a cleansing swim in the ocean or simply the act of making yourself a loving meal are all great physical ways to show yourself self love and liberation from the past. Be present in your body and what it is experiencing and allow yourself to shine bright this full moon’s night. You are so loved and so worthy.

Have a beautiful weekend!! If you are on the Gold Coast and are wanting to dance with us we will be holding a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Five Elements Dance workshop during the Full Moon at Boheme and Body places are limited but we would love to have you there of course for more details visit our Facebook event page   

The Embrace Bajos Yoni Steam is our latest and most loving blend of herbs. Described as a pretty and potent Yoni hug it is the perfect self loving ritual this full moon. View our full range of Self Love products and services. 

The Embrace Bajos Yoni Steam is our latest and most loving blend of herbs. Described as a pretty and potent Yoni hug it is the perfect self loving ritual this full moon. View our full range of Self Love products and services. 

To Reach The Summit One Must First Prepare Solid Foundations

January 10 11:31am QLD

New Moon

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn




The FIRST New Moon of 2016 is here! This is an exciting moment for all. All around you are the tools and directions you need to succeed this year. Do not resist the signs and subtle urges from the universe or Mercury in retrograde will blatantly put a halt to your stubborn pushes. 
Times are good if you are prepared for the best and worst. Be patient with what's happening, if you are considering starting new projects you must consider the following aspects, is this a totally new idea or have you been preparing this since 2015? If so go ahead. Are you being over zealous? Will it flow organically or are you pushing for something which isn’t quite there yet? Is this something that you feel passionate enough about to pursue for a lifetime or is this this some type of money making scheme (avoid those at all costs) money is not the driving force or goal, and should never be. Your goal should always entail making a life of doing what you LOVE. When it comes to new projects take the time to write a central point and from there break it down again and again until eventually it begins to unfurl and create itself step by step. Of course you must put in the action but essentially during Mercury retrograde it must be effortless action. It should flow with ease and grace, anything that doesn't try and put a hold on it for a few weeks and come back to it. Keep working on it but not from a physical aspect more a planning and revising position. 
This Mercury retrograde falls in the earth sign of Capricorn, Earth represents our foundation, grounding, stability, self worth, physicality and long term goals. So use this time to be frivolous, plan, plan and plan some more. Get every detail exact, you are planning for your long term future, don’t waste your time working out what is happening in the coming weeks but rather look at and focus on the bigger picture. Stay grounded and be inventive in your pursuit of your future. Your finances will be in focus, do not attach yourself to your current state of financial affairs, we have all spent and been merry the last few weeks so you are not alone in being concerned, let go of that concern and work towards your abundance. This will change dramatically, 2016 has a lot in stall for you, if you are prepared to accept the positive flow. Money can set the mood and pace for us at times, so Capricorn is here to show us our possibilities in earning, creating and stabilising this flow. It’s time to think about what sets your soul on fire and activates your heart and work on making that your life’s work. There is abundance to be achieved through pursuing your passion, it is all about how well you plan and how much of your own unique flavour you commit to your own abundance. You dreams are worth achieving but they will not be reached if you sit back and wait for them to come knocking. Mercury Retrograde will move from Aquarius in to Capricorn during the New Moon phase and this will shift its focus to a more global community, social media will be a great focus, progressive thinking, forward thinking and innovative ideas will come through, this is just what you need right now to plan and activate your future. USE THIS GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE. Take the time to soak it in and figure out what 2016 really holds for you. Venus is also conjunct and while she is the ruler of love during retrograde the romance may have fizzled out or be out of focus, don’t worry, her role in this alignment is not for relationships but for our potential future. She is here to shine a light on our abilities to create a working environment which we LOVE. To show us we can create abundance which we are passionate about and which fulfills us in turn providing prosperity and growth. 
The following weeks the retrograde may intensify, but if you have been paying attention and surrendering to life’s flow you are in safe grounds, you can keep working towards your goals. If you have been ignoring the cosmic urges and resisting the signs around you then expect a little shake up from the cosmos. They are going to force you to see your reality for what it is. It is as simple as accepting it for what it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS! We cannot move forward or be prosperous in life unless we accept what we are experiencing or what we have experienced in the past. Go forward not backwards. That is part of the retrogrades message for you today. 

The new moon urges us to find our truth, seek our potential and ground our dreams into the earth, like planting a seed as deep as deep as we can in order to allow the roots to have as much room as possible so that it may reach as high as it potentially can. Stay balanced, activate your inner wisdom and clairvoyance and use this tool. This isn’t a ‘gift’ only available to some of us, intuition is felt, experienced and used by all. Tune in and you will see how often your intuition has led you to the right place and time and how often your defiance of it has ended in disaster. Laugh it off, life is to be a joyous and prosperous experience. If you can’t laugh at your own misfortune how will you be joyous or able to accept the responsibility and journey of your potential fortune? You may come to realise when there has been times where you have hindered your own potential, accept that and move forward. use this time to recognise these moments and work towards integrity and possibility. Be open to your true path. if you face some moments of Dharma (cosmic law and attraction) sit with it and look at why life is throwing these curve balls at you, it’s simple, you are not in flow. So drink it in and get back on track. It’s time to face ourselves and check in with when we have been the best we can be and when we haven’t. 
New Moons allow us to look back and let go of anything that isn’t working for us, use this time to set your New Year’s goals and let go of anything that really wasn’t fruitful in 2015. 2016 is all about you and how far you will go will depend on the foundations you set on this New Moon in Capricorn. You can rise as high as you desire so long as your goals start from a stable and well thought out position. We are at the base of our own mountain right now, the goat (Capricorn) is ready to see the majestic view from the top. From the peak of a mountain the view goes on forever but from the base nothing is clear. It is your task today to envision the view from the top but creating a clear and stable foundation. Defining every detail and working out exactly how you will reach your own summit. 

Full Moon in Gemini

Seek the Truth - Speak the Truth



This full moon is potent in transformative energy with Mars and Venus both in Libra and Lillith at their centre our roles as Women and Men are being looked at closely, where is there imbalance, injustice and where have we been sacrificing of ourselves to please the other? Look at how you can bring harmony back into your being by empowering your feminine as a woman and your masculine as a man. It’s time to reclaim our true power and potential and bring back equilibrium to this planet beginning with ourselves. Chiron the master healer joins Neptune who rules illusion in dreamy Pisces, this alignment is calling us to look at how we may have fooled ourselves into pain, where we may have wounds that we are carrying which essentially are not ours. What karma are you carrying which isn’t yours? Now is the time to sit quietly and let the moonlight bathe you and illuminate your illusions to make way for a true whole and authentic you, this may be difficult as Pisces is the dreamer of the cosmos and may try and fool (Neptune) you into believing that what you believe in is truly yours when in actual fact at closer inspection you will realise it isn’t and will feel much lighter, centred and clear for releasing.  Mercury (Communication), Saturn (Physical, Body, 3rd Dimension)  and the Sun all in Sagittarius a strong time of communication with ourselves, asserting once again what each of these planets are asking WHAT IS MY TRUE IDENTITY? Seek your truth and Speak your truth, Pluto who sits on our outskirts rules death and the underworld and joins motherly and nurturing Ceres in Aquarius this rules a purging of the dark and unnecessary in a gentle and loving manner which allows us to truly let go of what we don’t need, imagine you are the universe and as pluto is so far from earth it works for us without harming or touching us, let your letting go be this easy, simply be kind and gentle with yourself and know that it is for the good of the whole that we let go of our own negative patterns, stories and tangled beliefs. Uranus is in Aries a heightened rebellion and sense of self is arising, and this is perfect in helping us to really get to know ourselves, Uranus allows us to have a broader outlook and a greater perspective of what really going on and seeing as this Full Moon can is very much about ME ( Aries I am) this is just the cosmic medicine we need to really look at ourselves and see where we are not in true alignment. Lets not forget about Jupiter the planet of luck and higher wisdom, Jupiter calls us to asses what we know and why we know it, and is in the house of Virgo critical thinking, modest and the sign which represents service the most, so what are the stars telling us again? Oh thats right, Who am I? What is my true calling? What is my truth? Is there a limit to my potential? Where have I fooled myself? 

I create my service.

All of that planetary mumbo jumbo aside let’s take a look at what we really need to know this full moon, firstly it’s very powerful so don’t bother doing any rituals or service towards your monthly me time, it’s not the right time, but rather do sit with it, take your time to process, feel and ride the wave. This potency in energy is literally preparing you for next year where it will be a great purging for us all, the more time you put in releasing and getting comfortable with your darker side the easier it is for you to let go and trust in your true power. At this time you may also be tempted to use negative self talk, self destructive behaviours or party like you are 16 again. DON’T DO IT. Be wise, be self aware and be kind to yourself. This is a very sensitive time and you are going through massive changes and awakenings so give yourself the encouragement, love and compassion you need today and everyday. Having negative thoughts today can have a massive impact on your future self so be aware of the power of your thoughts and think through your higher self. Within each moment we experience the pendulum swing effortlessly back and forth, we choose on which side to spend most of our time on. Choose love. Choose for future you and future generations, choose truth and positive potential. It’s time to close the doors that don’t serve you and rise up to open the doors you have been waiting for.  Life is a series of opportunities to repeat the same mistakes or to pave new pathways. Let this sink and know that you are your own creator, you hold the key to your infinite potential, what you carry and what you let go of only you can govern. 

The time has come to walk the talk, keep shining that unique light and be pure love! Stay with the transformation and find your true essence and your deep and untouched truth. It is time to transform and release old truths, there are truths we call our own truths which we may have been forced to learn along the way, or belief systems which are now outdated, the time has come to asses whether or not these were truly ours or whether we simply carry them as our own way of not having to know ourselves intimately. It’s time to crack open our core truths and really understand ourselves and our potential. 

Inhale Love and Exhale deep, nourishing, pure divine LOVE. Practice an attitude of Gratitude, facing the truth may be hard sometimes but what is harder is living a lie, there may be questions coming up based around what your beliefs are, what you have picked up along the way and what you have been led to believe being shattered, don’t be disappointed as it may be hard to fathom at first you will soon realise this breaking away of ideals is actually leading you to that place of your unique authenticity. Sink into what you are going through right now, let it take you on a journey of self discovery, self love and integrity. Shine your LIGHT!

Love harder than any pain you have ever felt. 

With infinite deep sincere Love and Gratitude. 

SMM xx Yaya 

New Moon in Scorpio 11:11

'Walk With Purpose'



The Scorpio New Moon falls on 11:11 and is a powerful and transformative event for all. The New Moon is entirely feminine in it's delivery, the lesson of the scorpion is that of birth/death/rebirth or the life/death/life a cycle which is much like the woman's monthly cycle during her menstruation, this regeneration will be a time of reflecting on the miracle and ease that we can access as we go through this process, resistance of the cycle will lead to stagnation or worse a painful process which only leads to a death through which life is not born from again. Scorpio calls upon innate healing of the entire being, healing which transforms spiritually, mentally and most of all physically. As it draws upon the facets which need regeneration, attention and cleansing.

During this New Moon Pluto lies in both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio meaning we are facing healing of our deepest and darkest aspects, Pluto is our shadow planet, that's which remains unknown but is surfacing in a lovingly and gentle was during this new moon. We are being asked to face ourselves our self assessment and realise where we have falsely led ourselves into darkness and where we have gone right.  This is emphasised by the Mercury (communication) and Chiron (healing) and Moon (spirituality) trine which is formed, it's lesson here is healing of self sabotage and illumination of negative self talk and raising awareness to those activities, experiences and relationships which cause dis-easeand dis-harmony to the body and spirit. It's focus is deep self love, awareness of habits and of course relationships, as we relate to ourselves, spirit, our environment and of course those that are around us, this relationship web is a big focus right now.

It's time to pay attention to the subtle signs, the pains in the body, the tiredness at 3pm, the abnormal hunger, the mad polar thoughts rushing in and out, the mirror that keeps coming up and demanding attention, the breeze which gently whispers past or the birds which call you every morning, pay attention to this medicine calling you in your physical realm, it has an important message for you it's time to find a balance within these moments, as within each of these experiences lies your own personal innate truth. Give yourself time and exquisite and dedicated self love, don't seek lust, external attention or instant gratification but rather love yourself so deeply that you come to your core strength and hearts truth alone. This is the lesson of the Scorpion, it gets to the core and finds the deepest seed planted amongst it all, here you find your place of power, integrity and wholeness so give yourself up to it and immerse yourself wholly in YOU! This is your time to shine baby.

Use this new moon to ask yourself again the important questions
What am I letting go of?
What am I starting or focusing on?
Where have I sought love where I could have nourished myself?
What activities can I do to experience self love more often?
Where is my core, my passions and my integrity?

What comes when you sit down and ask yourself these questions? Write them down and focus your attention on creating positive affirmations and new intentions based around these. It's important to always check in with yourself and the new moon is a perfectly powerful time to do so.
If you are having a hard time with expressing yourself try drawing, painting, gardening or cooking anything to bring back that feminine power, that Devine energy of creation which lies within in all men and women. To be feminine does not mean to be weak, complacent or riddled with ego but rather to walk with ease, grace and integrity and create life from ashes. Know that you are truly capable and able to achieve and experience all that you desire if you commit yourself to your personal purpose and experiences.

Make a commitment with yourself to be truthful, expressive and genuine in your pursuit of happiness, be accountable and notice where you allowed yourself to be a victim to your own tales and begin re-telling those stories with a new and soul building not crushing perspective. We are masters of our own universe and for too long do we let ourselves be fooled into stories of fear, ego and ignorance, it's time to shed light on these fallacies and move forth into positive reassurance and communication through heart and spirit.


Why Steam?

The rising of the ‘Bajos’ Steam and how an ancient practice is being revived


For hundreds of years many civilisations across the Americas have been practicing an ancient method of healing on women known as Bajos; which literally translates as down below. This method of herbal medicine is coming back and being popularised all over the world for its simple and efficacious ability to provide relief and noticeable changes towards reproductive and sacral health in women.


The concept is that a specific blend of herbs combine to provide healing and reduce trauma, cramping, discomfort and often eliminate disease as well as assist in the treatment of diseases associated with the female reproductive organs such as endometriosis, cervical cancers and ovarian cysts among other complications or illnesses. There is a lot of information available to women as well as health practitioners but as they say the proof is in the pudding.  To know the true benefits of this simple technique one must try it for themselves. Each individual is unique and our perception, health, history and beliefs are unique to our own experiences therefore each experience is unique to the individual.


Like in Ayurveda the causes of disease can be many but the healing or remedy is simply found in nature, so we look to the plants and botanicals around us to provide support, relief and healing. For those who do not know of Ayurveda or may not be sure of its efficiency simply consider that all of nature has a cure for each and every disease. Fundamentally there is no reason for suffering, suffering or disease is seen as a disconnection to nature itself. Bajos are quick and easy connection to nature, by combining organic herbs with minerals and frequency we are able to connect once again with ourselves, the elements as well as all beings around us thus removing disease and suffering from our individual body. It is strongly believed that everything is connected so when one individual suffers from loss of equilibrium which in turn causes discomfort or disease that we must look to nature which connects the whole and find balance once again in the body in order to create harmony across planet earth.


Bajos is a nurturing and relaxing self-love and healing treatment which can easily be practised at home alone or as a treatment session with a practitioner, across the world they are popping up at retreats, spa houses and health clinics due to their efficiency and healing qualities. These sessions can be performed in a number of varied ways from a simple and fast 20-minute home steam to a full treatment session including massage and meditation there is no limit to how one can be performed and no real guidelines on what is wrong or right. Essentially each method and treatment is right as individuals have their own requirements and health needs.


At Sacred Moon Medicine we have a number of blends available and unique blends are always welcome, iit is personally up to each individual to choose which blend and at what frequency they are performed. It is recommended initially that three are performed in the week leading up to the menstrual cycle ending three days before the due date. To make the most of your steam be sure to give yourself a couple of hours of alone time, firstly to prepare, perhaps set some intentions or spend some time connecting with your womb centre to communicate with this area before and during your treatment, you may also want to prepare some crystals, a relaxing cup of tea, some soft music and candlelight and ensure you are comfortable throughout and after your session. Clothing must be loose and non-synthetic so natural cotton and fibres are best, you should select two blankets to wrap over yourself made also of cotton or natural woven wool. When selecting your area make sure you will be comfortable resting for 20 minutes and that you will not be in any danger of burning yourself or spilling the water in your chosen bowl.

To begin take one litre of filtered mineral or natural spring water (Do not use regular tap water) bring to the boil, once boiled add your blend of herbs to the water and turn down to a simmer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes place a lid on the pot and remove from the heat, allow to steep for ten minutes as you prepare your area, you may use a slatted chair or purpose built chair, you can also stack pillows and blankets or towels around your preferred bowl and sit on the floor but be sure to avoid touching the bowl directly, some women also use the urinal seat of their bathroom this is most effective really, simply clean this area thoroughly before hand, place a towel folded in the bowl, transfer your herbs into your preferred dish and gently and very carefully place it where you feel most comfortable and safe, you will be here for twenty minutes so comfort and safety is essential. Once you are ready remove any unnecessary items of clothing, such as underwear or any synthetic items, remove the lid of your dish and gently sit over it, you should not be touching it at all, it should be at least 5-7cm below you, wrap a cotton blanket over your legs and tightly around your waist and then another one over your shoulders closing it over your legs, as though making a small steaming tent with you body. If it’s too hot just shift and adjust yourself a bit to allow a little air to pass through but don’t let all the steam escape, as this is what we are after. After 20 minutes take your time in getting up and wait for the bowl to cool completely before emptying, usually the garden or among plants is ideal for this.


Its really that simple, these practices of exquisite self care not only offer a moment of peace, reflection and self love but also aide in the relief of various illnesses and disease, excessive cramping, bloating, irregular or heavy bleeding, infertility, to tone and cleanse the vagina, balance pH levels, remove buildup and release trauma as well as being back absent menstrual flows among many other noticeable benefits each which are individual to the users requirements and experience. As a society we are going back to our grassroots and seeking medicine among mother nature more so now than ever, although the number of people being prescribed chemical antidepressants and stimulants isn’t dropping dramatically there is a rise in whole medicine and we are looking to our ancestors and forefathers for ancient untold wisdom and discovering a world of healing where nature and humanity are one yet again, this is partly the inspiration behind Sacred Moon Medicine as personally I have always sought to connect myself and community with Mother Nature and have always been interested in healing through nature, studying nutrition and natural therapies with the knowing that all ailments have their medicine in nature.

Bajos Steams for me has been a journey I could not have foreseen two years ago and before I even tried my first one I know this was a gift that I had to share with those around me. So thank you for joining me and I look forward to sharing this personal journey with you and connecting with you on your personal Bajos steam journey. Our bodies are so powerful so its important to honour and cherish them as much as possible, what have you done today to shower yourself with gratitude and love? 

Find out why a steam works for you today. 

SMM xx


Pictured here is our RADIANCE blend, an essential for vibrant health and a pain free and regular menstrual cycle,  this blend is recommended to be used at least three times in the weeks leading up to your flow. 

Pictured here is our RADIANCE blend, an essential for vibrant health and a pain free and regular menstrual cycle,  this blend is recommended to be used at least three times in the weeks leading up to your flow. 


On Tuesday 13th at 10:15 AEST (QLD) we will hit the peak of this month's New Moon in Libra, a teacher of balance, restoration and renewing energy, it’s time to reset and unwind and look at what we have learnt in the past few moons and months. We have had for the past few months all our darkness, past, relationships, communication issues, beliefs and pathways brought back to life due to Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Lillith having retrograde periods.

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